• When: 2020-01-21
  • QIC: Cowbell
  • The PAX: 7-11, Forrest, Quest, Floppy disc, Headgear, Fish wrap, Recall, Cyclops, Jackhammer

Birthday Q @f3Arena

10 PAX helped me celebrate my birthday at The Arena this morning.

Weather was a chilly 27 degrees with an 8mph wind.

We started with our COT prayer and the pledge then ran around the parking lot. We then circled up for some work in cadence.

47 Side straddle hops, 25 Imperial walkers, 15 TTT, 15 Windmills.

Mosie to the block pile and brought them back to the front curb. We lined them up and I went over the workout.

Each PAX had an exercise listed below.

Kettlebell swings, dumbel curls (I brought both of these), hand release murkins, tricep dips, block shoulder press, LBC’s, bent over rows, flutter kicks, block calf raises.

The remaining PAX runs down the front of the school and around the fire hydrant and back. Each PAX does their respective exercise until the runner gets back and then rotates to the next exercise. The runner runs to the back and starts the line again. We did this 3 times.

We then put our blocks back and did 20 wall jumps oyo.

Announcements: Feb Q swap with Shawshank, Dam to Dam race Feb 15th.

Prayers: Jerry, a Dam to dam sponsor, who hosted/sponsored one of the last exchange zones and who fed everyone food and pizza, just had open heart surgery.

The Prisma employees who just got laid off and other PAX who are out of work.


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