• When: 02/26/2015
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Honeybun (Respect), Chinstrap, Harp

Bears posting in weather for Ducks

Normally when YHC sees a weather forecast that consists of 100% chance of cold rain with continued suck on the evening news, the evening may consist of one extra TV program or Barley pop or just stay up a little later, as cold rain tends to strengthen the grip of the fartsack and make the alarm not function properly, at least for this PAX.  However, this time that word popped up, “Accountability” and since YHC had been volunteered to Q, one certainly cannot skip their own party.  Imagine the mixture of feelings when I arrived at the Snakepit and there was already another car in the parking lot.

Conditions:  35 and drizzly, rainy, wetty, sucky

The Thang:

Disclaimer and opening prayer

Mosey to the field and circle up (in this case, triangle up)

All in cadence

SSH x 20
TTT x 20
IW x 20
LBC x 20
LBAC each direction x 10
Overhead arm claps x 30

Mosey to the sideline:
lunge to far side line
(exercise name redacted) Do the sideways twisty run thing back to sideline, switching half way
bear crawl halfway (cold wet hands)
Lunge squat combo to far sideline

spin drill (from the glory days of wrestling practice)
one PAX assume the down wrestling position, on hands and knees, head down, rear end on heels, other PAX leans his chest on down PAX back with hands behind his back, spins one direction 15 seconds then reverse for 15 sections.
one round all PAX is enough moving on:

Mosey to wide stairs
15 flutter kicks at the bottom, run to the top
15 merkins, bearcrawl down 5 flights of stairs
rinse and repeat x 5, each trip down reduce bear crawl by 1 flight
not so cold anymore. Good work by the PAX on this gut buster. This stuff sounds good when YHC makes it up.

circle (triangle?) up for a quick circuit
All in Cadence, 4 count, start at 5 reps each and drop 1 each time

Mountain Climbers


Muffins for all PAX who worked out, Thanks, Honeybun!


Hard conditions to work out for the Pax, great effort, cold and sucky is sucky and cold

proud to workout with these guys, small but committed group


  • Convergence at Graveyard March 7th
  • Mud run April 11th-sign up through F3, looking for volunteers also
  • 2nd F opportunity-Salsarita’s Fridays 11:45ish
  • 3rd F opportunity Bible study across from Snakepit, Wed 5:30am


Flip-Flop and his family in their new journey

Rooney-injury recovery, get better so you can get better

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