• When: 2020-01-09
  • QIC: Parking Lot
  • The PAX: Kenwood, Irrev, Stalker, Slumlord, Iron Mary, Cramps, All 9’s, Dangle, Hoist, Tribe, Parking Lot

“Backwards” in Time Birthday Q

(posted on behalf of Parking Lot)

Conditions:​​Clear skies and 34 degrees

1 minute warning Disclaimer:​​Listen to your body, etc….. Opening Prayer

The Thang: Mosey approximately 30ft and circle up for COT. YHC had intended to have the pax complete 48 reps of each exercise but after 24 reps of LBAC, he decided that it was a waste of time and the Pax might get bored. Started the trek over to Growler Hill for some incline agility work.

1) Sprint up the hill, mosey back

2) High Knees up the hill, mosey back

3) Skip jumps up the hill, mosey back

4) Run backwards up the hill, mosey back

5) Sprint up the hill and prepare to move out to the next pain station.

YHC did not tell the Pax exactly where we were headed, so Kenwood had to return to the bottom of the hill to retrieve his safety lights. T-Claps to those Pax that wore their lights-Safety First We then made our way over to the big steps in front of the gym to continue the beatdown. 11’s starting with one Merkin at the bottom of the steps and 10 BBSU at the top. YHC knows the Hollow Pax would not want to simply traverse the stairs in normal fashion so each trip up required a ¼ turn in body direction to include going up the stairs backwards. The Hollow Pax did not disappoint and completed the session with minimal mumblechatter and zero injuries. Next we moved over to the smaller stairs because of the incoming FIA brigade. This exercise split the PAX into two groups of five to see if they could conquer the stairs up and down from each end only moving backwards. Again, mission accomplished but not without some Pax wondering what the heck we were doing. Continued the mosey out to the track for a brisk lap and then over to the raised planter for a little more legwork. Step ups on the planter x24 (each leg) to equal 48 total reps. To surprise the Pax that were smart or lucky enough to end up on a shorter section of the obstacle we were using, every few reps YHC had the Pax “move down” 4 paces. This was to make sure everyone got their money’s worth from the final 48 rep exercise of the morning. Mosey back to the shovel flag area for Mary but unfortunately, we were out of time. With little complaining, we made the short stroll over to the shovel flag for count off. YHC was honored once again to lead this fine group of men on his birthday. The men of the Hollow are a special group and always bring their A game to the gloom. Even with maybe too many backwards exercises this morning in an effort to turn back the effects of aging bodies, The Hollow pushed through and made the darkest hour before the dawn the best hour of the day. Yes, I know we only went for 45 minutes but it seemed longer.


  • Dam to Dam (need volunteers)
  • Gauntlet coming in April

Prayer Requests:

  • Dangle-Positive outcome for Friday
  • Our Military

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