• When: 2017-08-22
  • The PAX: Whisper, Weekend Special, Ranger (R), House (R), Hopper (R), Funnel Cake, Forrest, Floppy Disk, Double Dribble, The Nature Boy, Bulldog, Dance Machine, Digger

Back to School workout for the Graveyard boys

Conditions:  73 degrees with a real feel of 76 degrees and mostly clear skies

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang: Mosey to practice field and grab two bricks (any size you wish) and circle up

5 x Merkins IC on bricks

10 x Curls IC with bricks while on knees

15 x Shoulder Presses IC with bricks while on knees

20 x Tricep extensions IC with bricks while on knees

25 x Hallelujahs IC while on knees

30 x Flutter Kicks IC while static holding bricks

35 x Squats IC

40 x SSHs IC

45 x Shoulder Taps IC while on bricks

50 x Chest Press IC with bricks

Put bricks up and Mosey to the track.  Partner up.

As a group, complete 100 Iron Crosses.  One partner runs 100 yards and back while the other partner does AMRAP Iron Crosses.  Switch when partner returns from running.  Plank when finished Iron Crosses.

Mosey to Press Box and grab a space between two concrete blocks set up for the PAX

1 Minute AMRAP of the following exercises:

Merkins on Blocks

Mtn Climbers on Blocks

Curls with Blocks

Shoulder Presses with Blocks

Chest Press with Blocks

Farmer’s Carry block with right arm

Farmer’s Carry block with left arm

Life, clean, and press with block

Block Swings

Block extension and static hold in front of chest

Static Block press over Shoulders

Call it a day.  Great work dudes!


Pre-Stomp the Swamp run convergence for all run groups tomorrow morning at Graveyard.  5:15 start