• When: 2018-05-03
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Mash, Recall, Baby Hearts, Houdini, Cowbell, Fast Casual, Long Haul, Floppy Disk, Quest, Kenwood.

At Arena, do as I say not as I do

Coming off a slump of not working out much, I found an open Q slot yesterday and figured I’d sign up to hold myself accountable.  The next thing I knew it was about 10 o’clock at night and I was jotting down things to do for the workout.  Hopefully it was entertaining enough and provided a decent workout – well for everyone except Recall.  Since a reference to Spartan racing was made on the Twitterverse I thought I’d at least bring a few toys.  There were 2 for 3+ miles of SL.  Here’s how the bootcamp festivities went down…

Conditions: mid-50s, really nice.

Recall and I got back from SLing just in time for the 1 minute warning, no FNGs, disclaimer, prayer.

Mosey around the parking lot closer to the road for the warm up exercises:

  • 20x SSHs IC
  • 20x IWs IC
  • 20x TTTs IC
  • 20x LBCs IC

Mosey on around to the awaiting pvc for some:

  • FOLLOW THE LEADER, round 1: line up with the ten 4″ pvc pipe sections to our left, jump left over each pvc section, perform a HAND RELEASE BURPEE in between, continue down the line for ten total jumps/burpees, then BEARCRAWL to the light pole.  Recover.
  • FOLLOW THE LEADER, round 2: Same as above but jumping towards our right.  At the end CRAWBEAR to the light pole.  Recover.

Mosey to the front of the school under the breezeway for some:

  • TRIPLE NICKEL: perform 5x MORNING WOODS, run to the end of the breezeway, perform 5x BALLS TO THE WALL, run back to the start.  Rinse and repeat 5x times.  This is where “do as I say not as I do” comes in.  You see, I (the Q) started to run first (instead of the Turkish getups first).  I think I went 2 steps before Floppy Disk called me out – which I appreciate.  Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep.

After that, we made our way to the two 50# sandbags and teamed up for:

  • SANDBAG RELAY: with two teams of five each… one guy would run the sandbag across the parking lot, touch the block retaining wall, and return, handoff to the next guy.  The guys not running would alternate BBSUs and LOW PLANK as the runners would hand off.  It was a clear victory.  I think the sandbags actually made Long Haul and Cowbell run faster.

After that we made our way back to the pvc, stacked the pvc together, and lined up for a game of:

  • PASS THE PVC: with everyone lined up in the plank position, the guy on the end would grab a pvc section, perform a MERKIN with his right hand on the pvc, roll it to his left hand, perform another MERKIN, pass it down the line.  After all the sections were in flow, the first guy ran to the far end to start a second round, followed by the rest of the guys.  In total it was 40x PVC MERKINS.

Disappointed that YHC’s team got clobbered in the sandbag relay, I figured we would win in a rematch. So we ran back and did another:

  • SANDBAG RELAY: same as before except alternate between AIR SQUATS and AL GORE.  Same teams as before, same results as before.  What was I thinking?

We ran back to where we were lined up for the pvc fun.  When I say we ran, I mean we made it there.  I figured Floppy Disk hadn’t broken out in hives yet, so we did:

  • WEAVER OF LOVE: with everyone lined up in the plank position, the guy on the end jumps over the next guy, under the next, over, under, until he reaches the end and planks.  When all the guys went through we reset and went back the other way.

We bagged the pvc, picked up the sandbags, dropped them by the Jeep, and with a minute remaining did 50x CURB CALF RAISES OYO to finish out.

We did count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, prayer request, prayer, and finished up with the Pledge of Allegiance (without an actual flag since Recall is apparently sttttiiiiillllllll working on the shovel flag – not that there is anything wrong with that).

Announcements: 3rd F 5K this weekend, all/most AOs will be closed (tbd)

Prayer request: Dear Diary, final week of treatment, hope to see him back out soon.