• When: 10-16-18
  • QIC: Wee Wee
  • The PAX: Forrest, Recall, Pot Luck, Long Haul, Bridge Run, Voltron (R), Debear (sp), Bail Out, Notebook, Rock Drop (R), Fish Wrapped, Eve, Wee Wee

Arena Tabata

YHC’s tabata WO has made it’s rounds, so today was Arena’s turn.  Strong work was done by this crowd.

Conditions: 70’s

1 min warning


Mosey to the block pile to get a block and then mosey around the back of the school to the grassy courtyard area.  We circled up once all PAX arrived with their block.

The Thang:  Workout went a little something like this:  45 secs of each exercise with a 15 sec rest between each exercise.  Once all exercises were complete we ran to fence near the loading dock and back.  Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 circuits.



Jump Squat

Block jump

Al Gore

Curls for the Girls

Overhead Press

Side Straddle Hop



Mountain Climbers


Freddie Mercuries

After the 3rd set we put the blocks back and mosied to the shovel flag.





Prayer Request

7-11 surgery and recovery

Tiger Blood recovery from injury


Arena Shirt Order

Cheech 10K 11/10/18 — Sign-up at LexingtonHalf.org

12/1 Wildcat

Christmas Party 12/14 at Saluda River Club

Devo — I Observed

Ecclesiastes 4:4 Then I observed that most people are motivated to success because they envy their neighbors.  But this, too, is meaningless – Like chasing the wind.

What drives you and your purpose in being successful?  Do you resent your neighbor because of what they have?  The wrong motives for success can keep you from actually enjoying success.  Otherwise, you will never become successful in your own eyes.  There will always be someone more successful to come along.  As Solomon says, keeping up with Jones’ is fruitless.