• When: 2019-08-20
  • QIC: Notebook
  • The PAX: PAX: Bailout, Trauma, Zika, Cyclops, Quest, 7/11, Pot Luck, Nail Pop

Arena Goes Back To School With Notebook

9 Pax worked out in the serious gloom on the first day of school.  Misty and 72 created the perfect conditions.

Great work by all, there was very little mumble chatter until the basketball portion of the BC.

Disclaimer and prayer, Lords Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey to the Lunch Lady parking lot, COP


Squats X 10 IC


Merkins X 10 IC

Everyone grab a parking spot line

60 seconds, side to side jumps over line

60 seconds, front to back line jumps

60 seconds toe taps on curb

Mosey to the block pile, circle up with block on backside of gate

Shoulder Press with Block X 15 IC

Squat with a block X 15 IC

Curls for the girls X 15 IC

Mosey to the basketball court, place blocks in corner close to the picnic shelter

Shelter work:

Dips on a bench X 10 IC

Incline merkin on a bench X 10

Decline merkin on a bench X 10


5 Pull Ups using rafters

10  burpees at first corner of swing set playground

10 merkins at next corner

10 squats at next corner

10 shoulder presses at the block pile on the next corner

Rinse and repeat 3 times

Alaska shoot-out:

Every Pax gets a chance to shoot a basketball from the state of Alaska, if you make it reduced reps of a predetermined block exercise, if you miss double.

-Only two pax made the shot….

Mosey with the blocks to the Gate

Circle Merkin, one full revolution

Then all pax held block over their heads as we went around the circle one by one doing 5 curls

Return Blocks to the Pile.

Mosey and circle up at the Flag.

Pax do Cherry Pickers while we do a ring of fire, 10 squats until we get all the way around the ring.

Finishing Move:

One 8 count Man Maker, IC