• When: 2020-03-12
  • QIC: Sunday Driver
  • The PAX: Little Giants, Booster, Pickaxe, ChHedda (R), Canseco, Boo (R), Swanson, Tater, Wapner, Sunday Driver, FNG-Hardware, FNG-Software

Anyone Know the Name Game?

12 PAX posted this morning with Booster bringing two new FNG’s.  Welcome to Turning Point, Hardware & Softwarwe!  If I recall correctly, 5 PAX arrived wildly early for wingman.  YHC felt the pressure early to deliver a solid Q to our new FNG’s and feel I did just that!  During the workout, only one shoe was tossed at the YHC and had some grumblings about if I was posting this Saturday (of course, always up for a challenge).  Solid Q was delivered if I was able to create that type of excitement from our longtime PAX.  Finished the workout with a very long and brutal game of naming the new FNG’s.  Maybe the name game would have helped spawn some ideas?!?!? Lets get down to the business.
Conditions:  Cool and dry 55 degrees
The Thang:  Disclaimer – Prayer
Windmill ICx10
Raise The Roof ICx15
Michael Phelps ICx15
Squats ICx15
Mosey to the Back Parking Lot
Begin the Merkivator
Merkins OMCx55
Mosey to Block Pile then to BBall court with Cinder Block
We lined up, then did a cinder block exercise x30, then a full court suicide
Curls for Girls OMCx30 – Suicide
Tricep Extensions OMCx30 – Suicide
Overhead Chest Press OMCx30 – Suicide
Chest Press OMCx30 – Suicide
Block Squat OMCx30 – Suicide
Block Calf Raises OMCx30 – Suicide
Rinse and Repeat same exercises but with OYO x20 and half court suicide
Curls for Girls OYOx20 – Suicide
Tricep Extensions OYOx20 – Suicide
Overhead Chest Press OYOx20 – Suicide
Chest Press OYOx20 – Suicide
Block Squat OYOx20 – Suicide
Block Calf Raises OYOx20 – Suicide
Block Big Boy Sit Ups OYOx20
Returned the Blocks and Mosey back to the Flag for some Mary
American Thor OMCx10 (counting got a bit weird for some PAX)
Boat Canoe OMC to finish
COT – Name O’ Rama
Naming of The FNG’s – Welcome Hardware & Software!  The IT guru’s (forgive us PAX for that brutal naming session)
Gauntlet begins April 13Th – Looks like its a Kamikaze gauntlet gentleman
Good Friday Cross Ruck
Prayer Requests
Dear Diary
SD’s Grandmother
Molly Shealy – battle against leukemia
Philippians 4:13 – I can do all this through him who gives me strength
I spoke of my visit with Dear Diary and what was my takeaway from that powerful visit on Saturday.  How he imparted his strength and fight to us that afternoon and not only instilled that into us, but how we will continue to use that strength to grow our family and brothers around us.

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