• When: 2020-03-13
  • QIC: Chopblock
  • The PAX: Pepto, Rebar, Fn3, Olive Oil, Double Fault, Lap Dog, Puppy Love, Canseco, Pot Hole, Watergate, Bonsia, Chedder, Penny Stock, Shag, Pinot, and YHC

Ultimate Pollen Cloud

16 pax join together to play a friendly game of frisbee in a storm of pollen, and hand sanitizer was encouraged.

Conditions: Around 65 degrees and a slight N wind.


Before Prayer

Double Fault was climbing people with bursts of athleticism and his gloves helped him snatch some serious snags, YHC agrees with him. Canseco had a force field around him for the majority of the time that included some sounds that sounded like a beaver grinding his teeth on a petrified tree trunk and Lap Dog was a close second. Fn3 showed his goalkeeper skills against the opposing team. It was good to see Pot Hole out their and his team grateful for his scoring. Shag continued a strong showing on defense. Cheddar worked up a glistening gleam chasing Double Fault. Pepto had a couple of good plays. YHC’s opposing team had the majority of the deep thrower which changed his usual play. Bonsia had a ridiculous curved throw over a wall of defenders to score.



Announcements: Keep an eye out for any announcements for school closures.

Prayer Requests: F3 Scotch, Lap Dog’s mother-in-law, Dear Diary, and all of those who are affected by the coronavirus.

Closing Prayer

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