• When: 2019-06-24
  • QIC: Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Soaker, Meatball, Mercy Rule, Abner, Grave Digger, Hoist, Dominion, Recall, Heisenberg, and Iron Mary

Another Monday at The Bounty

Mondays are tough even without a workout.  Mix in a little Bounty and Mondays are a massive gut check!  But, like all other F3 workouts, I’m never disappointed that I drug myself out of the bed for it.  Today wasn’t any different.  Here’s how we got after it this morning.



Mosey to the track for an 800m warm up

The Thang

Run 800m at 75% max effort concentrating on quick turnover


Run 400m at 75% max effort concentrating on quick turnover

Recover and repeat


Run 200m at 75% max effort

Recover and repeat 3 more times


Run 400m at 75% max effort

Recover and repeat

Recover and mosey 800m back to the virtual shovel flag

Stretch for the final 2.5 minutes

Distance Covered:  3.5 miles


Announcements:  BRR teams forming – get with Knozit if you’re interested in forming a team or joining one looking for runners, Jailbreak 5k coming up in August, Ryan Rawl event on July 4th in Columbia at the capital building.

Prayer Requests:  Baconator recovering from GoRuck Star course


Moleskin:  Excellent effort out there this morning, men.  Always good to see our rabbit GraveDigger out there.  He makes us all a little better trying to chase him down.  Soaker has become a solid regular at The Bounty and YHC can see a big difference in his speed since joining us a couple months ago.  YHC was also happy to see Recall join us this morning.  Great job out there Recall!  There’s no doubt that The Bounty will make you stronger.  Commit to it and the results will come, guaranteed!   See you all next week!