• When: 2018-09-13
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: T&G, Happy Trees, Wino, Spring Break, Belding, Polecat, Pullout, Hollywood, Ace, Babe, Nub

AMRAPs and #mantouching, the makings of a great morning in the gloom

Let this be a lesson to check big Twitter and not just the message board as a pole was presented regarding beatdown options, but alas some who posted said they had not seen it and tried to put in a last minute vote.  No, no, no voting closed last night @ 9:30 and it was a TIE between #mantouching and no #mantouching.  Looks like the QIC gets the deciding vote.  Here is what went down.

1 min warning


Mosey to brickpile via an Indian run around the track, grab 2 bricks


Squats x 10 IC

SSH x 10 IC enough of this warm-up stuff (a la Grout)

The Thang


Station 1 (w/bricks) LBAC forward x 10 IC, LBAC backerds x 10 IC, Dirty Birds x 10 IC, OHC’s x 10 IC, triceps x 10 IC.  Rinse and repeat until time called, bricks up and grab a block and head to practice field.

It was made known that Ace and HT’s had to dip out early so the #mantouching that was being saved to the end was bumped up a bit, i mean couldn’t deprive them of this enjoyment.

#mantouching portion of w/out–Grab a partner and line up on goal line, we’ll be working back to end line of endzone with wheelbarrow walks.  5 wheelbarrow Merkins then walk to endline 5 more Merkins.  Flapjack 5 Merkins wheelbarrow to line 5 more Merkins.  Rinse and repeat until time called.  Now forgo Partners and all line up on goal line and pax assume merkin position in a vertical line.  Hands on ground but feet will be on pax behind you’s shoulders.  Power Merkins (or head to butt merkins as T&G likes to call them) OMC until exhaustion.  Insert mumblechatter here (see boys that wasn’t so bad, was it?)

As Ace and HT’s depart we now head to the big boy tractor tires–Station 2, grab  partner again and stand one up.  Take a step back and push tire from pax to pax continuing to step back so tire has more room to fall before the trip back to partner.  I guess as my punishment for the head to butt merkins was I was left w/out a partner and as trying to modify to a singular tire exercise wouldn’t ya know i ended up right smack dab in the middle of fire ants AGAIN!!!  The only plus is i think my immune system is getting used to getting tore up by them damn little pests.

Move from tires to field to where blocks were still waiting at goal line.  Station 3–5 Burpees then cusak block to cone (25yds) then drop cone and do 10 BBSU’s run back to GL, 5 burpees run to block, pick it up and cusak to next cone, 10 BBSU’s back to GL and so on and so forth the length of the football field. Once complete put blocks up and LBC’s on the six.

Once everyone was done we all completed LBC’s x 10 IC and Flutter kicks x 10 IC.  Reverse direction Indian Run to Hite Hill for final station.

Station 4–Blackjack on the hill.  1 merkin at bottom run to top 20 squats back at bottom 2 merkins up to top 19 squats.  Run this until time was called and a mosey back to SF.

Count/name o rama


Announcements: Never Forget Challenge coming up 9/22-shirt orders in today.  Let Khakis know if you are not entered but can volunteer

Prayers: Ronald Black, Heyward Bouknight, all workers, travelers and those that will be affected by Hurricane Florence

Scripture from 2 Chronicles 20.  Devo: Rather than try and muscle our way though trials, may we turn to the Lord and allow him to be our strength

Enjoyed it guys now stay safe out there!