• When: 06/13/15
  • QIC: Alter Boy
  • The PAX:  Socrates, FNG Todd Hardwick - Pedro, Peachy, Meatball, Hee Haw, Gravedigger, Scooper, Bing, Notebook, Cheese steak, Windex, Lube, Scotch, Ken Doll, Wapner

Alter Boy finally gets to go to Lexington High School

Being invited to Q a workout at F3-Lexington’s newest AO held at Lexington High School, affectionately known as The Hollow, brought up many memories from the late 1980’s for YHC. So please excuse me while I wax sentimental for a moment…

Back in the day, when the location of White Knoll High was nothing more than a sandy patch of woods on the proverbial backside of the desert, YHC grew up between Three Fountains and Red Bank. At that time, the area was zoned for Lexington High School. Upon finishing 8th grade at Lexington Middle School, this young lad’s parents agreed that a change of scenery and a new set of acquaintances may be needed in order for their son to earn a high school diploma. Ben Lippen School had just moved to Columbia from Asheville, NC and brother, did it offer a change of scenery. YHC spent many an afternoon in detention hall for the accumulation of demerits for offenses that included but were not limited to failure to tuck in his shirt, being late to class and the untimely use of a colorful metaphor. All in all, going to Ben Lippen was a great thing for YHC for the strict discipline it offered, but there was always that unfulfilled desire to attend Lexington High School. To go to the BIG high school where all his buddies went. To cheer on the Wildcats to 1-9 seasons in football at Wildcat Hollow as a student. But everything felt like it came full circle thanks to Gravedigger’s invitation for an Alter Boy led workout on Saturday. So never underestimate the power of inviting someone to Q a workout at your AO. It could be where the healing begins. Your call may represent the 12th step in a 27 year recovery program and subject an entire region to a super sappy backblast. Thank you, Gravedigger.


The Thang:

BOM – Led by Alter Boy

Mosey to lower field for Rolling Circle Of Pain
Laps around cones
Shuffling side to side (inside & out)
Jogging backward / forward
Jogging high knees / kick backs
Moseying between all exercises (All in cadence)
Walking lunges
SSH x 25
Imperial Walkers x 20
Squats x 20
Merkins x 20
LBCs x 20
Mtn Climbers x 20 / Bear Crawls
Carolina Drydocks x 20
Flutter kicks x 20
High plank / Low plank / Plankorama
Indian Run

Mosey to upper field

Strings of Fire
Run 30 yards – 10 burpees
Run 30 yards – 15 merkins
Run 30 yards – 20 LBCs
Run back to start – 25 squats
Rinse and repeat X 3

Partner up for Runner is the Timer
Partner 1 runs lap around soccer field while Partner 2 exercises (Flap jack)

Turkish get-ups
Triceps extensions
Overhead press
Bent over rows
Cinder-Block Burpees

Ark loader: Bear crawl half of field / crab walk half of field / sprint to back to starting point

Russian twists x 20
Dying cockroach x 20
Bicycle crunches x 20
Raise the roof: 1 merkin / 5 air press to 5 merkins / 25 air presses
Boat canoe

Solo lap around lower field to get 3.1 miles in… Instead of following the Q, the pax asked, “Where’s he going???”


BOM – Led by Peachy

It was great as always making a downpainment alongside my F3-Lexington brothers. YHC felt like he had to make the workout worthwhile with some of the pre-workout mumblechatter on the Twitterverse, but it doesn’t seem to matter how hard the workout is, the pax always have what it takes to conquer it. Well done, men. Saturday’s workout was definitely one that was on the move and represented the most distance covered by one of YHC’s workouts at over 3.2 miles. I just wonder if they could sell many race entries to a 5k that included Turkish get-ups and Cinder Block Burpees mixed in. This is quite possibly why F3 is a FREE workout….who would actually pay to be subjected to these types of experiences?!

Nicknaming a guy from Dillon, SC that actually WORKED at South of the Border was a complete no-brainer. Welcome to F3, Pedro.

T-claps to Scooper for running 4 miles from home to bootcamp, running over 3 miles in the bootcamp and then running home.

Good to see Hee Haw not only cross the river for a 0600 boot camp on Saturday AM, but attend the AO at the western most point of F3-Lexington. For the record, Hee Haw did spend the night near the AO on Friday night, so he only gets partial credit for the trip. Thank you for the effort nonetheless, brother. We always need someone to represent The 6 at a workout, which you did admirably. Well done, sir.

If you haven’t had a chance to go check out The Hollow, you owe it to yourself to do so. So much to offer and great field surfaces. We didn’t even scratch the surface with all that can be used and explored at this AO. I look forward to visiting again!

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  1. Yeah you missed the hay day of Lexington football. My years of 90-93, they won 4 or 5 games. We had more fans staying after games to watch us in the band than came for football.

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