• When: 2018-07-21
  • QIC: Granola
  • The PAX: Wapner, Buttermaker (R), Little Pappy, Tooltime (R), Netflix, Weekend Special, Utah (R), Fast Casual, Pine Tar, Quisenberry, Whisper, Boo (R), Candystripe, Jalapeno, Granola.

All around the schoolyard

Fifteen Pax started the day with a trip around the schoolyard at Turning Point.

Weather: mid 70’s and humid as can be expected this time of year

Circle up – Disclaimer – Pray – start working where we stood.

5 Burpees OYO
Up Straddle Hop – Left – 20
5 Burpees OYO
Up Straddle Hop – Right – 20 IC
Windmill 20 IC

Mosey to the opposite end of the front parking lot.

3 tree – tree suicides
– Every time you pass the first tree – 5 shoulder taps each side
– Every time you pass the second tree – 5 hip taps each side
– Every time you get to the third tree – 10 plank jacks
– Plank jacks for the six

Mosey over to the knee high wall
– Step ups – Left leg first 20 OYO
– Tricep dips – 20 IC
– Step ups – Right leg first 20 OYO
– Tricep dips – 20 IC

Mosey around to the high basketball court
– Plank jacks for the six
– LBAC frontward – 15 IC – keep em up
– Overhead claps – 15 IC – keep em up
– Dirty bird – 15 IC – keep em up
– Morrocan nite club – 10 IC – keep em up – We did more of these because they are YHC favorite in this set.
– LBAC backward – 15 IC – recover

Mosey around the corner to the wall facing the hill
– Wall sits – count off in 1’s and 2’s
– 1’s run down the hill/bear crawl up the hill while 2’s maintain wall sits
– flip-flop after all 2’s return to wall sits
– rinse-n-repeat
– rinse-n-repeat but with run down the hill/back peddle up the hill
– rinse-n-repeat

Mosey over to the big circle planter
– plank on the planter the whole time
– pass 2 bricks around the circle and back
– pass 4
– one brick got dropped -> 5 Burpees OYO
– pass bricks underhanded around and back
– pass brick behind the back around and back
– one brick got dropped -> 5 burpees OYO

Mosey over to the stairs
– Qualves 3 ways
– straight 15 IC
– toes out/heels in 15 IC
– toes in/heels out 15 IC

Mosey toward the front of the school, stopping in the teacher’s parking lot to plank jack for the six.
Continue mosey to the lawn area near the front entry of the school.

– Plank jack for the six
NOTE – All of the following exercises were packed back to back with only time to reposition in between.
– SSH – 25 IC
– Flutter kick – 25 IC
– Shoulder taps – 25 IC
– Imperial walkers – 20 IC
– Dying cockroach – 10 IC
– Peter parker – 20 IC
– Hillbillys – 15 IC
– American Hammer – 15 IC
– Hip Taps – 15 IC
– Jump squats – 5 IC
– Boat/Canoe – 5 rounds of each – random hold times
– Hydrolics – 5 IC

WOW, where did our hour go? Time flies when YHC is having fun, and it did this morning, too.

Mosey over to the flag and circle up.


– Service opportunity – signup sheet online – Saturday workday with Homeworks of America – Date TBD

Prayer Requests:
– Robber
– Fleicher family
– Praise for Closer’s 2.0
– Swanson’s Dad
– Tater’s Father-in-law
– Rebar – recovery
– Tooltime’s son, Joshua, 25 yrs old – something with aches and pains in joints – works on his feet – doctors trying to scope it out.
– Buttermaker’s church friend, Valerie – Husband passed away
– Families impacted by Duck Boat accident in Missouri

– Psalm 1:1 Go read it, dwell on the words, and see where you are sitting. For those who haven’t yet done so … “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers”

– Where you walk, you will eventually stand.
– Where you stand, you will eventually sit.
– This idea holds true in both good and dangerous ways. So, choose in what arenas you walk. Because, that will drive where you eventally sit, and dwell. You choose, will you walk in the Word, or in your temptation, in good service, or in sin, working on relationships with your wife or children?

Coffeeteria at Bo Jangles.