• When: 2018-07-19
  • QIC: Buttermaker
  • The PAX: Wiffleball (R), Wapner, Quisenberry, The Closer, Wilbur, Pick Axe, Tatoo, Deadbolt, (FNG) PeeJumper, Dear Diary, Landing Strip, Booster, Buttermaker (R)


Weather: 70s, humid

Circle up – Disclaimer – Pray – Mosey to teacher’s lot


LBAC X 10F IC, 10 R IC


Merkins X 10 IC

IW X 10 IC

Mosey to track – count of in 4s – each group starts at a corner of the track where there are cones set up with wiffleballs on them. Each ball has an exercise on it for the small group to complete and then they mosey to the next cone. All 4 corners are to be completed together in the small groups.

Exercises include: (only complete the first exercise at each corner, then move to next corner- rinse and repeat until all wiffleballs have been complete)

Corner 1: HR Merkins X 10, lunges X 20 each leg, 1 Lap, 30 shoulder taps each shoulder

Corner 2: BBSU X 10, 1 lap, Flutter Kicks X 20 each leg, LBC X 30 each side

Corner 3: 1 lap, Merkins X 10, Mountain climbers X 20 each leg, IW X 30

Corner 4: Burpees X 10, Squats X 20, Merkins X 30

COT prayer by Quis





3rdF opportunity to help with

Sweet Baby O: Aug 4th

Stomp the Swamp: Aug 25th

Race to the Finish at Northside: Sept 8th

Ray Tanner 12k: Oct 20th

Cheech 10K: Nov 10th


YHC unspoken

Swanson’s dad

Tater’s FIL


Pom pom’s M surgery on July 25th

William Anderson

Fleischer family

The Closer’s daughter is home and doing better

Quis- prayers for safe travels for work (he did make it back and meeting went well too)



All Pro Dads link:

From “My Wife Hates Me” to “My Wife Loves Me”