• When: 2018-07-10
  • QIC: Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Mercy Rule, Grave Digger, Hoist, Cramps, Boucher, Tribe, Slumlord, Fuzzy Navel, Spaghetti O's, Wayward Son, Wild Hog, Half Empty, Meatball, Ground Mount, Mugsy, Iron Mary.

All about the running at The Hollow

YHC has been struggling to find the time and energy to log some good mileage during the week.  It seems like by the time run group days come around, I’ve got nothing left in the tank to hit F3 Stride on Wednesday’s and Friday’s.  So today we set out to make The Hollow a run day.  The PAX were given a heads up and that didn’t stop 16 of them from defeating the sack to come out and get better.

Weather:  Nice, not too humid, probably 70 degrees.




Hit the ground running!

We headed toward the front of the High School tracing the parking lots along the way.

We made our way over to the Tomcat stairs for a 10 minute AYG of Tomcat minus the exercises.  All running no Merkins or LBC’s.

After 10 minutes we continued tracing parking lots back toward and around the front of the school toward Pisgah Church Road.  After circling the side lot a couple times we made our way down the access road to the track.

At the track we ran for 10 minutes then made our way over to the back access road for some Indian Run back to the band field.

At the band field we lined up on the goal line and ran 100 yd down and backs for the remaining 10 minutes then made our way back to the SF.




Announcements:  Carolina Reaper on Saturday.  Clown Cars are available if anyone needs a ride.  Sweet Baby O on Saturday, August 4th, Stomp the Swam on Saturday, August 25th, BRR on September 8-9.  This coming Saturday we’ll be at Shawshank and will go over to the homeless vets shelter after BC to workout with them for about 20 minutes or so.

Prayer Requests:  Fleischer Family

Moment of Silence for the Fleischer Family


Moleskin:  A max total of 4.3 miles were covered by Grave Digger and Hoist this morning.  TCLAPs to them both for pushing trough BC and SL.  Grave Digger actually won the prize for most ground covered during the workout and was rewarded a fresh pack of Sports Beans.  Congrats, GD!  Thanks for indulging me this morning, men!