• When: 2019-01-15
  • QIC: Boucher
  • The PAX: Gravedigger, Tiger Blood, Mercy Rule, Scotch, Drago, Hoist, Hunny Boo, Chuck Wagon, Stalker, Tribe, Brick, Fuzzy Naval, Slum Lord, Iriv, Cramps, Wild Hog, All 9s, Meatball, Half Empty

AB Rolling and Big Balls

It is always great to Q for the great PAX of the Hollow.   YHC wanted to add a few new exercises  this morning that the PAX hadn’t done before at a Hollow bootcamp and much fun was had.   15 Pax showed up for stridelite to set a new Hollow record and 1 for Ruck lite

Conditions: 45 and a little damp

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey to parking lot in front of Gym for COP

SSH x15ic

10 Hand Release Merkins

TTT x15ic

10 Hand Release Merkins

Imperial Walkers x15ic

10 Hand Release Merkins

LBAC 10 each Way

10 Burpees



Mosey to area outside of weight of weight room/hall of fame doors.   There the pax saw some medicine balls and some nice rollers.   Pax got into groups of 2.

Partner 1 grab roller and while on knees roll out as far as they can (very painful on the core) as many times as they can while Partner 2 burpees board jumps the 5 little light columns   (about 25 yards).  Then partner 2 sprints back and they switch.  This was done three times each.

Recover and put rollers up.

Partner 1 grabs a weighted medicine ball and does medicine ball slams as many times as they can while partner 2 runs a lap around parking lot.   Switch and this was done twice.

Recover and mosey to breeze way in parking lot

At column 1 5 burpees run/walk to column 2 10 hand release merkins.   Run back to column 1 5 burpees.  Continue this adding a column each time and doing 10 hand release merkins at each column on way out and 5 burpees each time you return to 1st column.  On 4th trip out do 10 jump squats at each column.   After each pax completes their 4th trip RECOVER.

Mosey to grass area in front of high school

Inch Worm to first light pole sprint back

Bear Crawl to second light pole sprint back

Recover mosey to breeze way in back parking lot

Lung all the way down the breeze way (this breeze way is always longer than it looks)

Recover Return to Flag


Announcements: DAM to DAM, P200

Prayer Request: All pax that need it.