• When: 06/16/15
  • QIC: Floppy Disk
  • The PAX: Banana Boat, Mayhem, Grave Digger, Slumlord, Turnbuckle, Parking Lot, Iron Mary, Hoist, Sawdust, Weezy, Bowflex, Peachy, Cheesesteak

A View of Your Backside

A view of Your Backside

14 Pax either wanted to hear some Pearl Jam this morning to start their day or wanted to get better with some Floppy fun. 14 got a little of both this morning. (Workouts are always better with music). YHC decided to do a little tour of the backside this morning – backside of campus you perverts. With a few painstations along the way, some of the Pax really got into the movements. You should have seen Turnbuckle and Grave Digger working those Crab hip thrusters. Turnbuckle went all 1 handed Rodeo style while GD did a one legged thruster. Not sure how that works in “real life” but hey Jack – give it all you got. I’m pretty sure some of the pax loved the loading dock up/downs. – Beware of your Justifier.

Conditions 34568 Degrees with a smidge of humidity – Thick, Real Thick


Slaughter Starter
15 Burpees OYO

Run down Olde Farm Road and turn left on back road through campus – Lots of chatter about “Un-Assing” and why are we going off campus.

Seal Jacks x 20
TTT x 20
Hillbillies x 20
Goofball x 20
The Chinook x 20

Stop at the grassy knoll
Backwards run up hill – 10 Chuck Norris Merkins (Nerkins)
Duckwalk down – 10 Crab Thrusters
Rinse and Repeat going up a rep 5 times

Move to Ops parking lot
Squerkin – Partner 1 grabs legs does squat, partner 2 does merkin x count up by 1 to 7
Rocky Balboa – Curb kicks x 30
Ballerina Squats x 20 (Crowd Pleaser)

Mosey to Loading dock
Group 1 – 5 up downs on Loading dock – Watch out for your Justifier
Group 2 – Flutter Kicks
Group 3 – LBC’s
Rotate through all groups

Move to Football Field
1’s Lunch width of field – Sprint back
2’s Monkey Humpers

Railroad tracks ½ way back to Flag
Weave up down hills back to the soccer field
All you got back to the flag 200 yds

1 minute Calf Raises on curb


Isaiah 40:28-31 – Do not grow weary. Soar on wings like Eagles

TCLAPS to Mayhem who posted in a Ruck for a nonRuck friendly workout – WEIRDO
TCLAPS to the Gnats at The Hollow – Your numbers aren’t quite those of Turning Point, but Strong, Real Strong
TCLAPS to the pax for having me out. I will be back

Prayers for Walker
Lexington 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon in November 2015
F3 Dads camp coming up in August
Run Ella Run 5k, June 6th
The Crucible, June 27th – View Preblast
GRC and GRL, July 10th and 11th
Sweet Baby O 5K, August 1. Registration is now open
Stomp The Swamp 5k @ River Bluff High School on August 29th. There will be a special “Double Down” medal to anyone completing a F3 Workout and the 5k. A code to enter when you sign up online. More details coming soon
Blue Ridge Relay, September 11-12

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