• When: 2018-12-21
  • QIC: Kukoc
  • The PAX: Short Haul, Long Haul, 7-Eleven, Hemingway, Pups, Escobar

A Sombre Friday

With the events of this past week, YHC took the opportunity to lead while some pax maybe grieving or looking for a chance to clear the head and come to grips with it all.  I personally did not know Digits or her family, I have only run a few times in the area around LHS but it still struck close to the heart.  F3/FiA has become like family over the 3+ years that I have participated in the various events that bring us together.  So, during this time of grief and also celebration let us remember that He has a plan.  We are here to become instruments in the Lord’s hands and to live as He did, as He does.  As Digits and Cheech led lives that left no doubt, let us all take the opportunity to reflect and find ways to be that light of hope for someone.  While tragedy and sadness may strike frequently during this life we are in, so does the hope, joy and love that the Savior provides.
Merry Christmas, this is YHC’s last run with those in the group before the holiday.

Weather: Unseasonably warm, a slight drizzle here and there, with a nice breeze


Maiden to Church
L on Church
R on Roberts
L on Claudius
Straight onto Pond View
L around the Loop
L on Satcher
R on Barr
R on Hendrix
R on Gibson
L on Church
L on Roberts
R on George
R on Hendrix
To the Flag

Prayer Requests
Well’s Family, Friends and the driver
Pups nephew Alex’s struggles with PTSD
F3/FiALexington – all those who were on the scene, knew Digits, or otherwise                                          affected by the tragedy

Dec 24 – Nativity Ruck at 0500 at UrbanLegend, Stride will be converging, bring canned goods
Jan 1 – New Year’s Convergence at Graveyard at 0700
Feb 16 – Dam-to-Dam Relay

#TClaps to Short Haul for joining YHC for some XL pre-Stride and for reaching 800 miles running in 2018.