• When: 2020-08-27
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Pullout, Shankopotomus-R, Urkel, Nub

A little of this and a little of that…

Well YHC has to audible to a Thursday Q as he was apparently bumped for the Iron Pax Challenge…since I had Tuesday’s workout all planned out and I knew the numbers would most likely be different on Thursdays (only the studs show up on Thursdays) I abandoned the original weinke and went at it this way.  As I suspected only studs today, so Tclaps to Pull-out, Shank-R, and Urkel for joining me in the fun.

Prayer to start

On your 6 for some stretches OMC and it was determined that we are all as limber as circus contortionist (Swayze, you’ll have to look that work up).  After that on the way to the practice field YHC noticed some cones spaced apart on the sidewalk leading up to the back entrance of the gym.  They looked inviting, so we stopped and did 3 merkins at each cone going up the sidewalk incline and bear crawling in between them.  Once at the top we did 3 Jump Squats at each cone coming back down the hill and lunge the space in between, I thought I heard some chatter about legs still hurting from Bonnie Blairs but I dismissed this talk, my legs felt strong!  One round of planks OMC b4 heading on towards the field.  Once at the track we stopped and partnered up and P1 did AMRAP Flutter Kicks while P2 ran to midway of the straightaway and back, flapjack for 3 rounds. Then P1 did AMRAP LBC‘s while P2 ran 3/4 down the straightaway and back, flapjack for 2 rounds.  Then P1 did AMRAP Freddie Mercury‘s while P2 ran 7/8’s of the straightaway and back, flapjack for 2 rounds and finally P1 did my favorite Heel Taps AMRAP while P2 ran the entire length of the straightaway and back for 2 rounds.  Then we did another round of plank OMC and took it on to the blockpile.  Grab yourself a friend and head back to pull-up bars.  P1 on 6 doing chest presses while P2 completes 25 Australian pull-ups, flapjack — 2 rounds.  Then P1 does Skull Crushers while P2 does dips –2 rounds.  Blocks up. and Mosey back to flag stopping one more time for planks OMC.  Back at virtual Shovel Flag, Time called.

Prayer/praise:  Heyward Bouknight, Betty Oxner both home on hospice.  Nubs co-worker having marriage problems.  Praise for Harvey Sauls back well enough for more cancer treatments and doing better.  Prayers for general community strength.


The Gloom is Glorious #geturmindright and come join us!


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