• When: 2018-06-04
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Blades, Hoist, Iron Mary, Stalker, Sauerkraut, Cheers, Meatball, Mercy Rule, Ken Doll


After some friendly Q jostling Sunday evening, YHC was glad to be back to lead the men of The Bounty. Speedwork is definitely a red pill workout. Great way to start the week.

Conditions: 70 degrees, 98% humidity

The Thang:


Warm up lap

TTT x 10 IC
Hillbillies x 10 IC
Butt kicks
High knees

800s x 6 with 100m recovery walk in between


Ephesians 4:29 “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear”

Prayer Requests:
-Iron Mary’s friend Mike Hahn

-Recommended pace this AM was 45 seconds/mile faster than normal 10K pace
-Blades is really fast. Very impressive
-Sauerkraut sandbagged the 1st several laps then showed his speed the final few
-Cheers likes my legs
-Tough breathing out there with the humidity. Hydrate all day, every day. Your pee should not be the color of rust.

-6/16 F3/FiA family workout at The Hollow at 7:30am
-6/30 Bootcamp with Veterans shelter (beside Shawshank) at 8:30
-7/14 Carolina Reaper
-8/4 Sweet Baby O 5K. Register here: https://www.runhard.org/pages/race-owen.php
-8/25 Stomp the Swamp. Register here: https://www.runhard.org/pages/race-swamp.php
-9/7-9/8: Blue Ridge Relay