• When: 2018-11-24
  • QIC: Dear Diary
  • The PAX: Quisenberry, Boo, Swanson, Candy Stripe, Canseco & Dear Diary

(6) Faithfull Pax show up for Saturday morning Chilli Tasting!

Just another Saturday morning with (6) Pax posting to make each other better. It is always great to see our brother Candy Stripe but next time I hope he just brings us a pot of Chilli instead.

Weather: 42 Degrees (Cold & Wet)

Disclaimer / BOM / Prayer

COP: Scatter out under the cover and find a dry spot

  1. SSH x 15 ic
  2. TTT x 15 ic
  3. Merkins x 20 oyo
  4. Imperial Walkers x 15 ic

Indian Run to Kindergarten end of the front cover.

Line up for Indian Bear Crawl.

Pax hold people’s chair while each pax bear crawls to center of front and back.

Pax pair up for some team work.

1. Merkins x 100

2. BBSU x 100

3. Carolina Drydocks x 100

4. Squats x 100

Mosey to right corner for Mary.


  1. American Hammer x 16 ic
  2. Freddy Mercury’s x 16 ic

Dealers choice for all pax.

(1) lap around the parking lot and rally to the shovel flag area!

Announcements: Christmas Party (December 14th), Families Helping Families (see Quest for details)

Prayers: Corbett Anderson, Flannagan Family

Prayer: Don’t forget to be thankful and remember what our Savior did for us.