• When: 2018-12-28
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Ranger, Pick Axe, Good Hands, Rocking Chair, Quisenberry, Wapner, Chedda, Butt Dial, Deadstick, Moist, Mercy Rule, Grave Digger, Cowbell, Cheers, Dunphy, Coon Dog, Dominion, Kyrie, Banjo, Argyle, Yellow Cake, Bonsai, Tater, Bing, Boucher, Wingback, Genie, Forrest, Shake-n-Bake, Wild Hog, Hopper, Ken Doll

5 Years of Betterment

It’s not an Urban Legend Friday unless it rains. A little rain didn’t deter 32 men from helping YHC celebrate 5 years in F3 Nation. More on the impact F3 has had on my life a little later in the devo.

After some adjustments to the weinke due to the conditions, we took off for 45 minutes of our Friday downpainment.

As promised, we didn’t leave the grounds of Lexington County Admin complex. There’s enough fun to be had & we want to stay safe.

Here’s what we did:

Conditions: 60 degrees, some rain

The Thang:


Money to top of garage for COP

SSH x 12 IC
Merkins x 12 IC
Mt Climbers x 15 IC
IW x 15 IC

Mosey down to grassy area for 4 Corners

***Due to the large # of pax, quickly split into 4 groups***

AMRAP for 8 minutes, 5 reps at each corner, mosey counterclockwise to each corner

Corner 1: Incline Merkins on rocks
Corner 2: Jump Squats
Corner 3: Burpees
Corner 4: Decline Merkins on rocks

Mosey down to bottom level of parking garage & find a partner

Very Bent Jacob’s Ladder

Partner 1: People’s Chair
Partner 2: 7 burpees
R&R until both partners get down to 1 burpee

Merkins x 10 IC
Shoulder Taps x 10 IC

Find your partner again & line up at curb

Partner 1: Sprint to other curb & back
Partner 2: Perform called exercise unt partner 1 returns
Exercises called: Burpees, BBSU, Flutter kicks, Jump Squats
AMRAP for 10 min

Staying in garage. Line up at curb

Bear crawl to cone
Lunge to far curb
Sprint back
R&R for 8 minutes

Mosey to main parking lot

Merkins x 10 OMC
Plank Jacks x 10 IC
Frozen Flutters x 10 IC
Frozen Freddies x 10 IC




YHC’s #FirstBell was 5 years ago today at Depot and life has not been the same since. The list of physical accomplishments is long and I do take some pride in having finished some completely stupid and utterly pointless events. I thoroughly enjoy the fellowship, the close bond I share with many of you. I can’t go anywhere in Lexington and not see one of my brothers and share a laugh. I am happy to report that I am fully healed from #SadClownSyndrome.

But, there’s one thing that I have gained from my 5 years that I am most proud of: my relationship with my Savior has grown exponentially since that morning in December 2013. I have always been a believer (baptized when I was 13) but being around such men of faith on a daily basis has grown my Faith. In fact, I no longer strive to be the strongest or fastest. I strive to be like the guys leading 3rdF groups. F3 has given me this opportunity. Just like I was in decent physical shape, F3 has given me the opportunity to get in better physical shape. And just as I had friends before, F3 has allowed me the opportunity forge deep bonds of friendship that I didn’t have before.

The 3rdF does stand for Faith. It is intended to be an ambiguous, all inclusive term. I have zero issue with that because we have had some non-believers that have experienced the dynamite of the 3rdF. We should be open to all men. For me as it relates to Faith, I am with Joshua 24:15 on this one: “…but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”

Here’s my challenge to you in 2019: Train those Faith muscles with as much or more vigor as you do those physical muscles.

-YHC can’t begin to thank the men of F3LexSC enough for showing up in the rain, for all the kind words, & generally for pushing YHC to be a better man.
-Ranger’s gunning for the 2019 Mumblechatter brick. Just a heads up to all the QICs in F3LexSC
-Huge downpour about 5 minutes before start time. The rain stopped, for the most part, during most of bootcamp. Good to have the underground garage as an option.
-Shirley from accounting gets to work early. Just an FYI.
-This is my yearly shoutout to R2D2 & Uno. R2 was the QIC my first post at Depot & he kicked my butt. Uno invited us to coffeteria that morning. This is when YHC was able to see the impact F3 could make.
-Also, yearly shoutout to Good Hands and Stagecoach. We suffered through our #FirstBell together and are still going strong 5 years later.

Prayer Requests:
-Wells family
-Corbett Anderson
-Bing’s uncle passed away
-Hampton & Brody at Children’s Hospital
-Praise for Nativity Ruck collecting 550 lbs of canned goods

-Need mentors. Ask YHC for details
-1/1: New Year’s Day Convergence, 7am at Graveyard
-Harbison 50K needs volunteers
-2/16: Dam to Dam Relay: www.damtodamrelay.com