• When: 2020-03-19
  • QIC: Rocking Chair
  • The PAX: All the F3Nation Pax who are stuck at home

5 Year Virtual Q

This was to be my 5th Anniversary Q at Crypt Thursday but due to the virus concerns, this works just as well.  The workout is done with body weight only and no blocks.

Warm Up:  SSH x 20 , oyo;  TTT (SLOWLY)  x 20, oyo; Little Baby Arm Circles forward and then backwards x 20,oyo.


This workout consists of 4 Stations approximately 100 yards apart with each Station consisting of 4 excercises.  After 30 reps in proper form of each exercise, run to the next station and back then perform 30 reps of exercise #2, rinse and repeat after that, you’ll see the pattern.


Station 1: 30 Merkins – RUN to Station 2 and back- 30 Jump Squats – RUN-  30 Crunches -RUN- 10 Burpees – Run to Station 2.


Station 2: 30 Windmills( done at a slow pace) – RUN to Station 3 and back- 30 merkins – RUN- 30 Mountian Climbers-RUN_ 10 burpees- Run to Station 3


Station 3: 30 Flutterkicks (each leg, with feet 6 inches off the ground and toes pointed) – Run to Station 4 and back – 30 Merkins – RUN- 30 Bobby Hurley’s – RUN- 10 Burpees – Run to Station 4


Station 4: 30 Supermans – RUN to Station 1 and back – 30 Merkins – RUN- 30 Lunges (each leg) – RUN- 30 Hello Dollies – RUN – 10 Burpees- RUN to Station 1 for Mary


Mary  (because I know you want to)  3 minutes , your choice alternate between BOAT /CANOE  and American Hammer


DEVO:  Psalm 46:10   “… be still and know that I am Lord.”


We need to remember during these and all uncertain times, we can benefit both physically and mentally, by remembering that God is in control, not us.  We need to seek his guidance in all that we do.



Be safe out there Brothers and WASH YOUR HANDS. —  Rocking Chair

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