• When: 2018-11-20
  • QIC: Katniss
  • The PAX: Deadstick (R), Emmy,Ebert,Brainiac, Katniss (Q)

5 pax 4 blocks

Conditions, 48 degrees and dry


Pledge of Allegiance


Warm up

SSH 20 4ct ic

Imp Walker 4ct ic

LBAC 10/10 F/R

Keep them up overhead claps 20 4ct ic

Keep them up Moroccan nightclub 20 4ct ic


The thang ,

Always a pleasure to lead these men and Brainiacs dog Rosie. After running The Hairy Bison Saturday Chinstraps GPS watch ,that I  am using, told me I had to recover 94hrs so i made the pax use the blocks. Just kidding,  we all got our time on the blocks.


Start with 1 pax bear crawling up blueberry hill and performing

10 plank jacks 4ct

20 4ct monkey humpers

30 4ct SSH

While blockless pax acts as an AMRAP timer the other pax perform 1st exercise listed for that block Location. Focus on form, breathing,  and fullest motion each rep. 4 blocks with 3 different  exercises at each block.

When pax returns from top of blueberry hill he replaces pax at 1st block and the pax on block 4 becomes the “timer” and performs bb hill and exercises. All pax shift over 1 block. All pax must complete bb hill in rotation before group moves to 2nd and then 3rd exercise on each block.

AMRAP blocks exercise with each block focusing on different areas


Curls for girls


OH press



On 6 OH block abdominal crunches

Block OH Flutter kicks


Block thruster

Block squats

Block swings

Balance/ control legs

Alternating block lunges forward

Alternating  reverse lunge with block

Side lunges blocks

YHC took lead as the first timer and pax pushed through nearly all 3 exercises on the block cycle. Great work men!

Return blocks

Mosey to shovel flag.


Stand and snake pit converge Thanksgiving morning for a honey bun birthday Q and possibly a sporting activity of some kind afterward.

Friday’s new boot camp park across from Lexington Baptist Church see Twitter feed for additional information.



Brainiac knee problem. General return to Wellness

Emmy’s mother-in-law broken ankles and other injuries from fall.

Praise that I have men like you helping to lead and listen to my 2.0s.

All spoken and unspoken prayer request across the F3 Nation


Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

9 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:
10 If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.
As a sad clown I was the man that would fall and had no one to help him up. And there I laid wallowing in my failures, doubt, bitterness, and resentment. All these feelings reflected back on my family and my relationships suffered greatly over many years. I was literally at my end and something very good was going to happen or something very bad was going to happen. I love the struggle and I’ll Fight to the end even when I don’t know how that end will look. My problem was that as I fought I continued to seek more cover for protection driving me back instead of propelling me forward. I neglected to step out from behind the cover,open my arms ,pound my chest and attack the problems. Maybe I still don’t know how victoy looks. Maybe it can get much much better than it has become. I am in the process of rebuilding my marital relationship and my relationship with my children. I’m not saying I was a bad father but I neglected spending the time I could have with them because my focus was on me when times got tough. As a husband I did not cheat on my wife but I cheated her of my attention and we grew apart. It’s hard to build relationships with your children when they are older so take the time and give up yourself and your interests and spend that time with them when you can. Make sure  your wife knows how you feel  make sure you spend time with her  and give her the attention she deserves  only then  will she prosper from it and your marriage will grow .  Knowing this  and doing this  are two different things.  I was brought up in church and I’m a Believer in Christ . But , when worldly habits take over your life  it’s hard to regain control . Each of you Brothers has brought something unique into my life ,words of encouragement, a different perspective, criticism when I am wrong, but most of all patience and understanding. I know several of my brothers out there are struggling and I want you to know that I’ll keep praying for you but the worst thing you can do is to not show up and be accountable to your brothers you have something to offer them and they have something to offer you. I’ll consider myself a work in progress at this point. I’m very grateful to the men I have met through F3. I KNOW my family will tell you it has changed me for the better.  Benefit from living “I am 3rd”.  Get into deeper relationships with your spouse, your children, and your brothers. It is scary to be vulnerable to another person to show them your weaknesses but it also strengthens you because you can no longer live from a position of cover you must be able to stand in the open – unprotected. If a fallen brother(sad clown) comes or a current brother falls be there to lift him up.
With brotherly love,