• When: 2019-07-30
  • QIC: Brita
  • The PAX: Knozit(R), Ranger(R), Dunphy, PaperJam, Socrates(R), Popoff, Meter, Lumberg, Tough Guy, Juice, Arrears, Alter Boy, Moana, El Chapo, Penny Worth(R), Po, Squatter, Ditch Witch, Muggy Tape, Kendoll, & Forrest

3 Years of F3

Today marked 3 years of F3 and being a “Bushman” for YHC. This calls for a celebration and a celebration is what we had!!  22 of F3s finest HIMs showed up for a party like no other.  This is how it shook out…..

Weather: Felt fine to me but I’m a tropical creature


The Business:

Mosey to Ambush’s hectagon for some

SSH x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Through the Tunnel x 15

Grab a Bench (What you call me!?)

Dips x 30, Incline Merks x 20, Decline Merks x 10, then 4 laps

Dips x 20, Incline Merks x 10, Decline Merks x 5, then 4 laps

Not so fast my Friend, Meter’s Little Baby Arm Circles until someone Merlots………

Now Grab a Partner (not necessarily for life) and a block and head to Ambush Alley

1000 Block Presses for you and partner. Your partner Jogs(soft J) down and back while you press.  Ranger answered Random Trivia correct so we move on to diffrent excersice. But from the moaning and groaning several hundred presses were done.

1000 Bent Over Rows, same deal. Knozit answers trivia question correct and we put away blocks and head to flag for Mary.

Flutter Kicks x 30

Hip Thrust x 30

Big Boys x 16

Gas Pumps x 10



Iron PAX Challenge-sign up

School Supply Drive-donate

Stride-BRR Route-we know we know

Stomp The Swamp and Jailbreak-sign up

Midlands Tour Continues-go

Alex’s run in September- run and donate

Prayer Request:

Juice’s Co Worker’s Granddaughter passed away

Brownie’s Brother


Prayed us out and then shared story of what F3 has meant to me for the last 3 years. Brothers I never would have know I had if not for F3.  Things that I never known I was capable of if not for F3.  Really wasn’t all that long ago I was in a dark place.  Got out and found the light through Christ, Family and F3.  Those last two are one and the same.  Let’s go get some more men out of the darkness. #bethelightinthedark