• When: 2019-07-30
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Cheers, Taurasi (R), Soaker, Hash & Rice, Buzzsaw (R), Fiveplay, Nick, Ramrod, Coon Dog, Bing, Uniballer, Ponzi

Don’t Call it a Comeback

YHC has had a rough summer. Injuries and vacations and a general sense of laziness has been a real struggle. The hell with all of that…it is time to get back to work. YHC warned the Pax they would be punished for the above, and YHC hopes the beatdown delivered.

Weather: 71 and not as humid as usual

The Thang:
Mosey out on the loop around the soccer fields. Circle up three quarters of the way around:
25 SSH 4ct IC
15 TTT 4ct IC
15 LBAC forward/reverse 4ct IC
15 overhead claps 4ct IC

Mosey to the shed where Coon Dog challenges YHC to box jumps. YHC obliged:
Find a spot on the picnic table. 10 double box jumps OYO
Mosey to the bridge and bear crawl across

Mosey to the block pile

10 burpees over the block front to back
Lunge around the world standing on block: left leg: 5 rear, 5 right, 5 forward/right leg: 5 rear, 5 left, 5 forward
Ground the blocks and mosey around the soccer fields
5 rounds: 3 thrusters, 4 block-drag merkins, 5 shoulder to shoulder
Ground the blocks and mosey around the soccer fields
Bear crawl with block across the field.
Lunge around the world standing on block: left leg: 10 rear, 10 right, 10 forward/right leg: 10 rear, 10 left, 10 forward
Pick up the blocks, fake out the pax that this is over and realign facing the long portion of the field.
10 burpees over the block, side to side
5 burpees with your block
return the blocks and mosey back to the shovel flag

Good work men, and as always thank you for letting YHC lead!

Aug 3rd 3pm Pool party hosted by Lego at Vintner Woods pool
Aug 24 Stomp the Swamp

Maggie and the Caps
Uniballer’s son is now officially signed up as a Marine. Hooyah!
Motorcyclist killed yesterday

A boy was standing on a beach covered with sand dollars, as far as the eye can see. The boy started picking them up and throwing them back into the ocean. The boy’s father walked up behind him and asked, “Son, what the hell are you doing? There is no possible way that you can save all of them! It doesn’t matter”. The son defiantly looked back at his father and threw another sand dollar back into the ocean and said “tell it to that one!”, He picked up the next and looked at his father and said again” tell it to that one”. Go each day and pick a sand dollar and throw it back into the ocean. You may not be able to save the world, but you can change the moment. What you do will decide if good or evil is let into this world, so be the good.