• When: 2018-03-06
  • QIC: Alter Boy
  • The PAX: Columbo

2 members of #TheHerd take on the P-A-L-M-E-T-T-O 70

2 pax posted at Jumanji for what was planned to be a tribute to the Palmetto 200. But since only 2 members of #TheHerd showed up, YHC took a step back and dialed up a 2-man Team tribute to the Palmetto 70.

BOM led by YHC

Mosey to #DarkCorner

Windmills x 10
Hillbillies x 10
Imperial Walkers x 10
Squats x 10
Thru the Tunnel x 10
LBACs x 10
Mercans x 10

Complete 70 total reps of the following exercises as a team. Run 200 yards between each exercise.

Peter Parkers
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Elbows to knees (Imperial Walkers)
Triceps Dips
Turkish Get-ups
Overhead Claps

Collect block and 2 bricks from #Legoland

Curls x 15
Triceps extensions x 15
Overhead presses x 15
Bent over rows x 15
Good mornings / standing back extensions x 15
Goblet squats x 15

Curls x 10
Triceps extensions x 10
Overhead presses x 10
Bent over rows x 10
Good mornings / standing back extensions x 10
Goblet squats x 10

Lap around parking lot to get 2.00 miles

70 flutter kicks (total as team)


BOM led by Columbo

Moleskin: After having 8 pax on Tuesday and Thursday of last week, YHC thought we’d have enough pax to complete a P-200 themed team workout. But when only one other guy (thank you, Columbo!) showed up, the Q had to modify the workout. Thankfully there is also a Palmetto 70, which proved to be a challenge for 2 pax. Great work, Columbo!