• When: 06/23/18
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Ochocinco, Inuit, Tea Party, Teaspot, Pony Boy, Contra, Swamp Thing, PC, YHC Columbo

100% Participation No Awards

PAX came out to see what I would come up with on a typical humid morning. Great Saturday numbers.

After disclaimer and opening prayer mosey to brick pile pick a block and 2 bricks.  Line up on edge of parking lot. Put block and bricks down.  Warm up with SSH, TT Tunnel, Tea Party toe touches, windmills etc.

The main event went like this.  PAX took turns picking an exercise and leading the men through it.  After 5 exercises lunge walk width of parking lot and back.  5 more PAX took turns picking and leading an exercise.  After 5 Imperial walk width of parking lot. Next 5 then bear crawl. Next 5 then sprint parking lot so on and so fourth. Put blocks and bricks up. Mosey to shovel flag for few minutes of step ups and toe taps on curb to finish up.

There were a variety of exercises that were picked and all PAX did a good job of stepping up and leading.  Great effort. Great numbers for a Saturday.  Participation would make any Q impressed and happy.  PAX were encouraged that the only thing one needs to lead is a willingness to do so.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: God’s Helping Hands food delivery next month.  Alter Boy will discuss details further in the coming weeks.  Stomp the Swamp next month July 28th I believe.  Pax were encouraged to hydrate good during these hot months

PRAYER REQUESTS: Double Fault as he continues recovery from knee injury.  Rebar broken foot at ultimate frisbee last week.  Betamax uncle bad infection and complications from kidney transplant a few weeks ago.

DEVO/Daily Declaration 

I declare I will live victoriously. I was created in the image of God. I have the DNA of a winner. I am wearing a crown of favor. Royal blood flows through my veins. I am the head, never the tail, above never beneath. I will live with purpose, passion, and praise, knowing that I am destined to live in victory