• When: 2018-06-23
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: Cheers, Iron Mary, Argyle, MuggyTape, GraveDigger, SlumLord, Stalker, MercyRule, Brick, Honey Boo Boo

Pavers are fun

11 men strolled into The Hollow this morning looking for a good time.  YHC dialed up a weinke in hopes of giving the pax what they wanted.  Good fun and hard work was put in today.

Weather – 70 degrees and pretty humid


The workout:

Take the long route using the service road to get to the Cat block area.  Each pax grab 2 brick pavers and head to the parking lot near the Tomcat stairs, and circle up.

SSH x15 IC

20 shoulder jacks with pavers OYO

TTT x15 IC

20 shoulder jacks with pavers OYO

Curls for the girls with pavers x15 IC

20 shoulder jacks with pavers OYO

20 side lateral raises with pavers x15 IC

20 shoulder jacks with pavers OYO

Put pavers down and line up at one end of the parking lot.  Split up into 2 groups.  Take turns sprinting to one side, and then back to the starting point.

Round 1, pace at about 50% of your max speed

Round 2, pace at 75% of your max

Round 3, pace at 100% of your max

Round 4, pace at 75% of your max

Round 5 pace at 50% of your max.

Grab pavers and head to the Tomcat stairs.  Complete 1 round of the Tomcat with pavers in hand.  20 merkins and 20 BBSUs at the 2 stations.  Low squat until all pax are done.  Next round of Tomcat, no pavers, 20 merkins and 20 LBCs at the rep stations.

Slowsy back to block pile and put up the pavers.  Mosey to the hill on the service road.  Line up for 11’s.  Side shuffle up the hill, 1 merkin.  Side shuffle down the hill, 10 V-ups.  Continue until complete.

Mosey back to the shovel flag.

June 30th, After Shawshank BC workout with veterans next door.  7:30 start

July 14th, Carolina Reaper

August 5th, Sweet Baby O 5k

August 25th, Stomp the Swamp

Prayer requests:

The Flanigan family

JJ – back injury

Anonymous pax going through some tough times with personal struggles.

Cheers’ friend who passed recently.

Excellent group of guys showed up this morning.  Solid conversation and mumblechatter.  Strong effort was put in by all pax.  TCLAPS to Mercy Rule for running SL solo this morning.  Thanks to Iron Mary for allowing me to take the Q.