• When: 9/23/14
  • QIC: Take-A-Number
  • The PAX: Mac, Hoser, Slim Jim, Booster, Paverati, Tarzan, Wapner, Breakfast Club, Quisenberry, Lolipop, Mad Hatter, Say What, Freon, CoPay, Quarantine, Simon Says, Peter, Granola

Yah for Bricks!!!

Weather: 65 Degrees  Humidity: 78%  Wind: NE @ 11mph Pressure: Oh yes!

YHC was honored once again to lead PAX into the gloom towards an unknown goal. There may be running. There may be bricks. There may even been some merkins (guaranteed). But nevertheless 18 fellow pax chose to follow me not knowing what was in store. Had they known, perhaps they would have made another choice today. Perhaps a good morning of fartsacking? We can’t think of what would have been, lets talk about what did go down!

The Thang:

BOM for a quick prayer giving thanks for our appendages and the ability to use them.

Mosey up towards the field of dreams and turn two of the Crypt entrance, during the mosey we reversed it for a little backwards moseying.

Grab a pair of bricks…These are my bricks. There are many like them, but these red ones are mine.

COP to do our warm up.

Side Straddle Hop x 15 IC

Windmill x 20 IC

Squat x 20 IC

Thru-the-tunnel x 15 IC

After a nice little warm up we decided to take a little mosey down to the crypt wall. Not unlike the great wall of China, there was a lot of ups, downs, and plenty of bricks.

Start out by laying prostrate on top of the wall, face up. We needed a good firm back support for the next set of exercises…


Chest Flys x 20IC


Chest Press x 20IC (groundless Merkins)

Next we decide we need some ab/back work….

Leg Extensions off the wall 20 IC

Declined Merkins  x 8IC


Curls for the girls x 30 IC

Shoulder Press x 20 IC

Tricep extension x 20 IC

Back to the wall for some chest flys x 20IC

Leg Extensions x 20 IC

Declined Merkin’s x 8 IC

Grab your bricks and follow YHC at a good pace. While taking a nice walk….

Shoulder Press x 15 IC

Then we start to lunge as we make our way back up to the field of dreams…

Once we reach the pinnacle we go ahead and deposit our bricks to give them some R&R

Line up on the field, count off….this left us with 18 PAX which turned into 9 teams. YHC had to take one for the team and do the next few exercises on his own.

Partner up for some partner squats x 1min AMRAP


Then we hit the deck…grab your partner’s ankles and hold on tight….it’s time for the Iron Cross!! Remember to keep the legs nice and stiff while on your back.

Leg Lift

Iron Cross x 1min AMRAP

We switch with our partners because some guys like being on top. It’s all about the position!

Iron Cross x 1 min AMRAP

Pax follow YHC towards the tree line and down the hill. They had no idea what we were doing but soon discovered this after making it through the pines.

Circle up near the cars for a good old fashion Merkin-go-round. Everyone planks it up and we do Merkins in turn. YHC starts with 4 Merkins and then it goes to the left. Every remains planked until we go all the way around down to 0 Merkins.


That’s it folks! All done for the day, don’t forget to tip your waitresses!!




There is a rumor of a mud run convergence at Graveyard. (not confimed)

New Lake Murray T-Shirts are coming soon.

5 Spot left for the Go-Ruck!

Palmetto 200 (Cola to Charleston). Swagger is looking for teams, reach out to Mungo for details

Prayer: Giving thanks to God for our ability to meet, strengthen ourselves and to use our strength to help others with their burdens. Prayers for Meagan and G.E.D.’s family and the passing of his mother.

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