• When: 09/04/14
  • QIC: Sunset
  • The PAX: 16 including 2 FNGs and 1 rename Harp, Spirit Fingers, Sparky (rename to Bondo), Estrada, FNG (Curd), FNG (Misty), Chin Strap, Nikita, Bunny Slope, Mack, Pack, Farmer, Flip Flop, Julip, Donatello, Sunset

World Trade Center and 100 Grand



Imperial Walkers while Chin Strap made friends giving the background story on Walker Phillips though he was just asked to talk about shirts (#unclearQ)

Through the Tunnel (20 3-count)

Then we did some math:

We had two goals:

1: make it to the top of the World Trade Center which has 2071 steps and our set had 61 so we were “supposed” to do 34 sets…is that right?

2: pull up 100,000 pounds amongst the 16 PAX.  For instance 100,000/16=6,250 so a 175-lb man should do about 34 pullups…is that right?  Thanks to Donatello (100 correct pullups) I think we might have actually gotten close

That’s it.



Sunset provided short devo on the hardest and most important Bible verse to believe, Genesis 1:1.  If you can believe that one then the rest shouldn’t pose a problem for your faith.  #Ibelieve


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