• When: 2018-12-04
  • QIC: Stones
  • The PAX: Hall Pass, Wild Blue, Hoser, Enos, Loose Screw, Fiji, Aim High, Stones

“Why did you post?”

We post for a variety of reasons- support obligation for the Q, training needs for a race, fellowshipping, having the the Gloom to ourselves before the population spoils it, and catching a chance glimpse of a night sky’s unworldly planetarium shows.  That might be a good question to ask the PAX, “Why did you post?” I don’t know any other men outside of F3 that would have met me this morning to lay in the wet, cold grass ,or the cheese grater parking lot.  And these seven had a great time running up and down a slippery hill, and toting cold, heavy rocks, and crawling upside down on a wall.  As cool as the two o’clock alignment of Venus from a crescent moon on a perfectly clear sky was, it didn’t top busting my can with the seven men who showed up.   F3 Counts. A heck of alot.


The Thang


Announcements: 1-Strut posts at The Mission Dec 15, will Q the workout.

Prayer Requests: 1-Aim High and his family as they heal from Aim High’s dear wife’s passing. 2-Smokey’s M has lost her grandmother and Smokey’s grandfather is sick. 3-Fiji and his M for safe travels.


Loose Screw prayer.


You don’t have to be in the your best shape to Q, you don’t have to have all the soft tissue you were born with, and you don’t have to be able to run a couple miles or do 10 pullups or 50 burpees.  You do have to sign up, put together a plan-a Weinke helps, show up on time, Q what you can do, and have fun doing it.  Respectfully, your YHC.