• When: 2018-12-04
  • QIC: Nails
  • The PAX: OBC, RipCord, Ball Boy, Sled, Schweddy, Dry Heave

How many SSH’s are too many?

7 pax braved the chilly (42 degrees) gloom to get better at SCORE.

Moseyed to the courtyard at the back of the school and started with SSH x29.

The Q then broke the F# Workout Deck, following Rule #1-There are no rules.

The workout deck has 52 different exercises, broken down by Core, Cardio, Legs, and Upper Body. Going around the circle, each pax took a turn in picking a card and the fun ensued. Good variety of exercises.

The last card picked at the 43 minute mark was the Ace of Hearts for Cardio and Ace is 110 reps of SSH, so the Q called for 100 SSH’s. Guess how many finished 100? Guess who was the last pax hopping?

Good work by all Pax working all major workout focus areas except Stargazers.