• When: 08/21/14
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Malfunction Junction, Flip Flop, Shank, , Field Goal, Harp, She-Ra, Lemon, Estrada, Donatello, Plunger, Bunny Slope, Snake, Chinstrap, Glory Days, Ken Doll, FNG-Spirit Fingers (Darrell Smith)

Welcome to #SnakePit

After much thought and deliberation, the pax have spoken…#SnakePit was born today.

“Why’d it have to be snakes?” This question was asked by Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The answer here is snakes are known to slither around the campus of WKHS. They’re friendly and tiny, though. Don’t be afraid to post. #disclaimer

16 pax including 1 FNG entered the gloom for the 2nd bootcamp at WKHS, F3LM’s newest AO. The pax were introduced to THE stairs at Tuesday’s launch. Today, the pax did stair suicides. You have to experience this brutality.

No snake sighting today.

Conditions: 75 degrees, slight breeze, 82% humidity

The Thang:

Jog around school to basketball courts

SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
Merkins x 20 IC
No recovery – hold your plank
Carolina Dry Docks x 15 IC
No recovery – hold your plank
Peter Parkers x 20 IC

Line up on baseline
Bear crawl to other baseline
Sprint back
Crab crawl to other baseline
Sprint back
Prisoner lunge to other baseline
Sprint back
Broad jump burpees to other baseline
Sprint back

Mosey to brickpile, grab 2 bricks and mosey to track

Corner 1 – Curls x 20 IC
Run with bricks to next corner
Corner 2 – Tricep extensions x 20 IC
Run straightaway with bricks to next corner
Corner 3 – Shoulder presses x 20 IC
Run with bricks to next corner
Corner 4 – Punches x 20 IC

Divide into 1s & 2s

**82 steps with 7 landing areas. STEEP**

Stair Suicides
1s suicides while 2s alternate merkins and BBSU

Grab bricks, mosey & return to brickpile

Countdown Merkins
10 merkins – 1 raise the roof
9 merkins – 2 raise the roof
etc, etc down to 1 merkin and 10 RTR

Mosey up THE Stairs once more


Devo by YHC: Ephesians 5:8-10 – Be the right kind of example

Name chain: Darrell Smith -> daughters are cheerleaders -> POM POM already taken -> Spirit Fingers

-Can’t say it enough. Those stairs are brutal. Add suicides to it. You have to experience it. It’s Bull-ish. Some pax want to call it The Mule.
-SnakePit is going to be a great AO. Endless opportunities to inflict pain.
-Good to see most of Tuesday’s FNGs return this AM.
-We learned Glory Days and Donatello are scared of snakes.

-Lexington convergence at Crypt location Saturday – 6:15-7:15. All other Lex AOs are closed.
-Stomp the Swamp right after for a good double down opportunity. Registration is closed.
-Still time to HC for GoRuck.
-Prayer requests: Panty Hose and his family for passing of his mother; Phillips family as Walker continues to improve: Field Goal’s nephew Jordan who will have another surgery soon

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