• When: 08/21/14
  • QIC: Doublemint
  • The PAX: Nikita, Primetime, Swampy, JD, Doolittle, Sloppy Joe, Phonebooth, Turbo Tax, Stagecoach, Slate, C3PO, Pothole, Cow Town (From Charleston), Fanzia, Rust, Shakespeare, EZ, Crash, Smithers, Moonshine, Silverfish, Scotchguard, Magoo, Mellow Yellow, Uncle Rico, Rabid, Knot, Queenie, Roommate, Kumbaya, Coppertone, EOB, Tomy Syfert FNG (Tricycle), Magic Mike, Renard Jackson FNG (Bogey), Wagon Wheel, Quarantine, Outhouse, R2D2, Gerrymander That is quite a list. Hopefully I got everyone. (problematic in a good way)

Did he say “curtsy”?

After YHC’s Disney themed VQ, there was question about his willingness to Q again so soon. Was this an opportunity for more vacationed themed Q’s; a trip around Dollywood,


or the sites of the Outer Banks?

HT-lighthouse2.bmp Vacation 2008 197


All of that was put aside when YHC told the pax in attendance (41, a record for depot) that this was no fun and games. Instead this would be a full-body workout from the backyard. The pax would stay under the bright lights of the upper parking lot, so no miner’s lamp was needed.


Conditions: Warm and humid, 74 degrees and 82% humidity


IW for walker x 30
SSH x 9 (YHC forgot how to count. It was at this point he was thankful he made the decision to not make the rest of the workout in cadence.)
Through the tunnel x 10

Mosey to the upper parking lot

Backyard Full-body Circuit Workout around the parking lot

Given that there were 41 pax, someone had the good idea to split into two groups and start at opposite ends of the parking lot. (Thank you!)

10 Mountain climbers each leg
sprint to the next station
10 inch worm merkins (YHC demonstrated for the pax)


sprint to the next station
10 side lunges with floor reach each leg

switch to the other side of the parking lot

10 curtsy lunge hops each leg (Did he say “curtsy”)?

sprint to the next station
10 burpees


sprint to the next station
10 single leg deadlift each side

rinse and repeat OYO.

After several trips around the parking lot YHC called for recovery which was happily received.

YHC lead the pax in a series of stretches which sparked some good mumblechatter.


Mosey to the Shovel Flat for COT/BOM


Brother Nailpop’s son, Walker, is doing better. He will be heading to Atlanta for rehab. Continue to pray for Walker and his family each day at noon.
– Fall Mud Run numbers exceed 600 for F3 Columbia. There is still time to sign up. You can talk to Crash or find the information on the F3 Nation website.
– Go Ruck signups are still going to a wait list, but there is always some attrition so it is very possible that you can get a slot. Go to F3 Nation website for info.
– Magoo is chairing the Governor’s Cup half Marathon for F3 Columbia. They are also having an 8K if you don’t want to do the half marathon. Pre-blast should come out this week with more details.
– If you want to Q a workout in the future, please reach out to one of the regular Qs or Crash for more details. You may want to co-Q with someone that has done it before so you get your feet wet with an experienced Q.
– Stomp the Swamp this Saturday at RBHS. Registration is closed but there are many F3 guys running in the race. There is a doubledown opportunity with Crypt starting at 6:15.
– Tunnel to Towers 5K Run & Walk September 19 2 & PM http://tunnel2towers.org/event/tunnel-to-towers-5k-run-walk-south-carolina/
– Crooked 5K Run & Walk August 30 at 8:00 at Crooked Creek Park. http://www.icrc.net/walk-or-run-a-crooked-5k
– Just a reminder about the other workouts going on (see F3 Nation website for more details):
– Swagger (running) on M/W at 5:30am, meet at the old Blockbuster in Irmo and on Fridays, meet at 5:30am behind the Dunkin Donuts on Lake Murray Blvd.
– Anchor (Kettle Bell workout) at the Irmo side of the Dam, near the public boat ramp. Bring one Kettle bell, 25 lb or less. Meet at 5:30am.
– The Bull – downtown on Bull St, run a hill, run the stairs of a parking garage with Merkins at the top, BBS at the bottom in each of the four corner stairwells, then back to starting point. Do as many times as possible in 45 min, with or w/o weight belts or vests.
– New AO at White Knoll High School (name TBD) meets Tues/Thurs at 5:30 AM and Saturdays at 7:00 AM.
– Lexington convergence at Crypt location Saturday – 6:15-7:15. All other Lex AOs are closed.

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