• When: 2018-08-02
  • QIC: Rudy
  • The PAX: Car Pool, Road Rage, Holy Water, Grills, Rafter, Sparky, Mungo (welcome back!), See-Saw

Was it humid or was it just me

9 pax posted in the gloom this morning to concur the hill.  

Conditions: 75 degrees and 800% humidity.

The Thang:

Mosey to cheese grater

TTT x 15

SSH x 15

LAC x 10 forward, 10 reverse reverse

Imp. Walker x 15

LBC x 15

To the block pile and return to speed bump at bottom of hill.

Exercises: Curls for the girls, Narwalls, Overhead press and Squats

30 of each, run to the top of the hill and back, 20 of each, top of hill and back, 10 each…..

Recover blocks and meet back at bottom of hill

run to top of hill, 10 Big Boys, run down 9 American Hammers, run back up 8 Big Boys, run back down, 7 American Hammers, and so on and so forth……

Mosey to playground.

30 pull-ups and 60 dips on your own

Mosey to bottom of hill.

lunges to first sign, backward lunges to next sign, side lunges to next sign, other side lunges to top of hill.

Mosey to concrete bench.  10 step ups each leg.

Mosey to flag.  Just enough time for BOAT CANOOOOOOEEEEE!

COT: announcements- if you go to Chapin Methodist Church, we’re doing an F3 recruitment day this Sunday before and after both services.  Please come and help.  We’ll be on the patio.  Wear an F3 shirt.

No prayer requests.  At least none spoken.  God knows what’s on your heart.

Devo was about being aware of what we put in our minds because that’s what we turn into.  Make sure you’re marinating on God’s word or worship music and hanging with like minded Christian Brothers.