• When: 04/20/15
  • QIC: Wapner
  • The PAX: Quisenberry, Smithers, Swanson, Freon, Wapner

Wander With Wapner (version 2.0)(still not a sign of the apocalypse)

Conditions: Upper 60’s / Low 70’s and humid

Route:  Begin at the RBHS Stadium entrance, proceed up Cemetery Hill to the Super Spooky Woods Trail and continue around behind school and along Perimeter Road back up the hill beside the practice field and back to Cemetery Hill.  Rinse and repeat minus the Super Spooky Woods trail for lap 2.  Quick pace (at least for YHC)(17:00 or so) brought us back only a couple minutes later than one hour with approx. 3.75 miles covered up and down hills aplenty (without cutting into fritter-time too much).


Several GoRuck events on the horizon – Light, Light and Challenge, Mogadishu Mile in Charlotte

Stomp the Swamp 5k this summer

Moleskin:  YHC enjoyed it this morning as always. If you fartsacked this morning (or couchsacked as YHC nearly did after he was already up and out of the fartsack proper), you missed a rousing discussion of the BTU capacity of Cheetos among other topics at Coffeeteria as well as some of the biggest millipedes and strangest scrambled egg looking fungi YHC has ever seen during the ruck portion of the program. As always, t-claps to the PAX who put up with YHC’s sometimes random (but usually entertaining) conversational ADD.


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