• When: 2018-01-25
  • QIC: Uncle Rico
  • The PAX: Skunky, Lap Dog, Matchbox, Webber, Knot, Slate

UNO! (But with Burpees)

Well the cold weather made its return and YHC was hoping it did not scare off any Pax.  Some became victim to the Fartsack but 7 showed up for some childhood memories of the car game UNO.


Conditions: Cold ( about 30 degrees)


20 Windmills

15 TTT

20 Little Arm Circles both ways

Run over to the part of the school between the front and the CAT center.  If you post at GOAT one day I will be happy to show it to you.


Pretty simple concept.  Each Color has a exercise associated with it.  Whatever the number on the card then do corresponding exercise.  After all PAX show their cards run to end of walkway.





We go about 4 rounds in and did way too many burpees.

Head back for some Mary:

25 Iron Crosses OYO

20 Ray Charles

Recover Recover

Simply, Fun and Effective.  The best F3 workout in my humble opinion.