• When: 2018-11-06
  • QIC: Fire Daddy
  • The PAX: Toothpick, Toe Tag, Fire Daddy

Three’s a crowd

3 pax choose to get better on Election Day 2018 at Roost.  We welcomed back Toe Tag from a long hiatus.  He asked that the Q take it easy on him but what fun would that be…Here’s what went down.

Conditions:  70 and thick

Tha Thang:

Quick warm up lap around the track and then off to pick up some water logged concrete blocks.  Set blocks by sand pile and triangle up.

SSH (IC) x 15

TTT (IC) x15

LAC (IC) x10 fwd x10 back

4 corners

Starting at sandpile (leaving blocks behind) run down to stop sign (corner 1) for called exercise, run to bottom of suicide hill (corner 2) for called exercise, run up to stadium corner by school (corner 3) for called exercise, run up to corner of tennis courts (corner 4) for called exercise, return to start for called block exercise.

Round 1: Corner 1- 20 Merkins, Corner 2- 20 Plank Jacks, Corner 3- 20 Burpees, Corner 4- 20 Mtn Climbers, Sandpile- 20 Block Thrusters

Round 2 (reverse course): Corner 1- 25 Squats, Corner 2- 25 Step ups, Corner 3- 25 Calf Raises, Corner 4- 25 Lunges, Sandpile- 25 Block Chest Presses

Round 3: Corner 1- 30 LBCs, Corner 2- 30 J-Lo’s, Corner 3- 30 sec Wall sit x 2, Corner 4- 30 Flutter Kicks, Sandpile- 30 Block Squats

Still a little time left so 30 secs of each of the following: Hold block overhead, Curls, Iron Crosses, Block overhead, Merkins on block.

Return blocks and head back to flag.

Solid work this morning.  Covered close to 3 miles.  Good to have Toe Tag back out.  Would like to see several more back out here.  The longer you wait the more it’s going to hurt.


Bring Mac and cheese by Thursday

11/20 Sleigh Bell Trot- 7pm at Saluda Shoals.  Write F3 on registration form when mailing or turning in for discount ($20 vs $30).  Discount expires 11/12 12pm.