• When: 09/12/2014
  • QIC: PYT
  • The PAX: Wkd Special, Muggy Tape, Bragger, Bulldog, No Help, Optimus, Shades of Grey, Tumbler, Good Hands, Fast Casual, Treadmill, Floppy Disk, Rash, Spackle, Outbreak, Nail pop, Smokey, Garmin, House, Forrest, Blind Side, Field Goal, Broke Strong, Bull Pen, Half Empty, Meatball, PYT, Nightmare

The Reaper


28 PAX arrived @RBHS on a hot and humid Sept morning, starring up at Cemetery Ridge wondering what all this hype of The Reaper was about.  Needless to say after a brief explanation of the route (just run up and down the hill, with a few goodies thrown in) they all figured out pretty quick that this was no easy task.  This is the second part of The Reaper workout, and one to surely not disappoint. A few brave souls dared to carry weight for a workout proven tough without any. Thanks again to all the men who came out to sweat their balls off.

Disclaimer:  Oh yeah don’t DIE!!!

The Thang:

Start at the bottom of hill, run up to top, 21 Merkins, run to bottom of hill, 21 LBC’s.  Rinse and repeat for 45 minutes adding one rep each round up and down.  Not much thinking involved here, just a lot of SUCK!  A good steady pace is crucial for this one.  Each week we will score the Pax on rounds completed and weight carried. Our first place finisher will have the distinct honor of being our #TheUndertaker for the week.  Points system is as follows: 20 points per round completed (half round when completing Merkins at the top of the hill).  1 point for every 2 pounds carried.

If you have experienced the #TheBull you know the deal but #TheReaper will challenge you in other ways too.  Come out and experience it for yourselves.  It’s a BEAST.


1st Place (#TheUndertaker): PYT

2nd Place: Blindside

Most Weight: Blindside-50lbs

Most Reps: Smokey 12 reps


The Pax: Results

Wkd Special: 7 / N

Muggy Tape: 9.5 / N

Bragger: 10.5 / N

Bulldog: 7 / N

No Help: 10 / 16.5lbs

Optimus: 8 / N

Shades of Grey: 8 / N

Tumbler: 10 / N

Good Hands: 7.5 / 25lbs

Fast Casual: 8.5 / N

Treadmill: 9.5 / N

Floppy Disk: 9 / N

Rash: 9 / N

Spackle: 10 / N

Outbreak: 9 / N

Nail pop: 9.5 / N

Smokey: 12 / N

Garmin: 11 / N

House: 8.5 / N

Forrest: 9 / N

Blind Side: 7 / 50lbs

Field Goal: 7 / 35lbs

Broke Strong: 7 / N

Bull Pen: 9.5 / N

Half Empty: 8 / N

Meatball: 9.5 / N

PYT: 9 / 40lbs

Nightmare: 9 / N


I will get these number put into the Google drive so you guys can track your progress.



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  1. Hate I couldn’t make it out there this morning. Sounds like it sucked.
    Are you going to add the numbers in from last week as well?
    Also, are you going to put together “The Thang” from last week so everyone knows what’s involved? Great job, men!

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