• When: 09/11/14
  • QIC: Good Hands
  • The PAX: Shooter, Carrot Top, Mab Mab, Pebbles, Nailpop, Snowman (FNG-David Lewis) , Change Order ( -FNG), Spackle, House, Itchy, Hopper, Floppy Disk, Green Monster, Fast Casaul, Bulldog, Shades of Gray, Giggles, The Crapper, Roony, FDIC, Blindside, No Help, Utah, Tumbler, Whisper, Cream Cheese, Rash, Bullwinkel, Forest, Nightmare, Goat Boy, Mommas Boy (Micahel Dodds), Weekend Special, Clipboard, PYT, Snookie, No Show, Good Hands, Lt Dan

9/11 – Bricks – Hill

40 Pax strolled into the gloom this morning to be met by Good Hands with his demented plan for pain on this 9/11 Thursday. It was almost as if he wanted to give the Pax a glimpse into tomorrow’s Reaper run round 2. YHC was glad to see so many FNG’s as well as a few visitors from F3 Swamp Rabbit. Grabbing bricks seemed to work well until running out at 78 bricks – where did our bricks go?

Conditions – 70 with 93% Humidity and 0 Air Movement other than what came out of the backside of the Pax (which was plenty)

The Thang:

Jog to and around practice field
High knees
Butt Kicks

Windmill 20 IC
Arm Circles (forward/backwards) 20 IC
Imperial Walker 20 IC

Grab Bricks and do not drop until finished w/ entire work out!!!

Mozy to Hill
20 Merkins on bricks
Run 1/2 up backwards
20 Merkins OYO
40 Squats with bricks OYO
Run to top forward w/ bricks
40 Step ups (20 each leg) on wall OYO
Plank on wall when finished

Mozy back down hill w/ bricks alternating curls and shoulder presses sets of 20
At bottom plank…20 Merkins…Plank…Left arm up…Right arm up.
Rinse and repeat subtracting 10 Merkins, Squats and Step Ups.

Mozy back to field w/ bricks
Circle Up
10 Prison Cell Pushups on bricks
20 curls
20 shoulder press
Mary with bricks
Russian Twist 20 IC
Drop Bricks and take back to pile and mozy to top.


David Lewis – Golfer – Snowman
Dayton Kayler – Sells Construction supplies – Change Order
Michael Dodds – Named after his mom – Momma’s Boy

Reaper tomorrow
Salsarita’s 2nd F tomorrow

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