• When: 10/28/14
  • QIC: Queenie
  • The PAX: C3PO, Rust, Aye, Diesel, Gerrymander, Moonshine, Pony, Shakespeare, EOB, ScotchGuard, Napalm, Piccolo, Plan B & Queenie

The Lights Didn’t Make it Any Easier – You Could See How Bad It Was

What a surprise to find the field lights were on at 5:15 AM when the Pax rumbled into the gloom of the morning.  We only stayed on the field a short time before we went exploring the big hill for a little BULL simulation.   When we ended up back under the lights, the brightness didn’t make the pain go away with a full set of fireman’s carry and some wheel barrow racing.


The Thang – October 28, 2014
Run to Soccer Field
Thru the Tunnel X 20 – Clap up top
Imperial Walker – IC X 20
Sprint to Goal Line and Back
Run to base of hill
Run up hill – 20 pushups at top
Run down hill – 20 situps at bottom X 5
Plank at Plaza
Dips   20 – OYO
Decline Merkins – one half lap- OYO
Squats   – 20 OYO
Rince and Repeat
Run to top of hill –
Step Ups – 30 Each Leg OYO
Experient with Benches = Royal Failure
Run to Soccer Field
Fireman Carry Partner – Switch
Wheelbarrow – switch
To the bus stop wall
Peoples Chair – 60 seconds x 2
Arm Circles – IC X 20 (if time)
Mosey Back to the Flag

Moleskin – Excellent work by everyone including Piccolo back for his third workout.  Well done Sir.


Plenty of opportunities for workouts – GoRuck Training in full force.

HHTT at British Bulldog on Bower Parkway on Thursday at 5:30.  Come see your fellow F3 Pax.

Everyone needs to think about Q’ing.  Easy and Fun – Also, EH some guys (sad clowns) who need to be at Foxhole with us.

November 7- at night – Go Ruck Simulation

Consider signing up for Palmetto 200

Opportunity on Saturday to work at Boys Farm from 9:00-2:00- See C3PO

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