• When: 2021-07-15
  • QIC: Stagecoach
  • The PAX: Fools Gold, Lumbergh, Dracula, JD, Moose, Darla, Milk Man (R), Bout Time #Kotters, Joanna, TNT, Stagecoach (QIC)

Swinging the sticks at Depot

11 pax teed off a little later than the golfers across the pond as YHC decided to bring GOLF to the #MenOfDepot workout this morning. I believe a first (and maybe a last?)


Conditions:  much like Bushwood, Depot’s course left much to desire

1 minute warning




10 Windmill IC

(Basically some old man stretching before hitting the links)

Long Lap around to Block Pile and grab a block (Note: #UTP grab their #UTP blocks)

Pax will STH (fka Cusack) block to the “clubhouse” on the large (and lighted) field. All pax will STH to every hole.

The Thang

Count off in 2s to form two teams:  Team USA and Team Europe 

9 holes of play (We only played 8 due to slow play out there) Each team swings a wedge in a game of closest to the pin.

Golfer closest to the pin gets to pick “Exercise or Run”.   One team will perform reps until the other team finishes their run (generally out and back across field twice)

Hole 1: Curls. Team USA wins. Team USA 1 up

Hole 2: Overhead Press  (Statergy: Team Europe toes it right.  JD with Team USA “Happy Gilmores” it closest to pin) Team USA 2 up

Hole 3: BBSU. Team USA wins. Team USA 3up

Hole 4: Merkins  (2 swings here. Teams Murder Bunny to first shot and the play resumes closest to pin)  Team Europe wins hole. Team USA 2 up

Hole 5: (Team USA shanks ball OB  – 10 burpee penalty). Team Europe wins hole. Team USA 1 up

Hole 6: LBCs. Team USA wins. Team USA 2 up 

Hole 7: Losing team Farmer Carries winning team block. Team Europe Wins. Team USA 1 up

Hole 8: The Putt Off

All pax wall-sit while until their team makes a putt. Europe first for chance to square the match. Miss.  Lumbergh steps up for Team USA…ice in veins….sinks the putt. 

Team USA wins the match 5 and 3.  

Team Europe Farmer Carries Team USA blocks back to block pile and we’re outta time.

Depot had some ball strikers out there today (h/t Joanna) but we also had a few that reminds YHC of Robin Williams’ act. #NSFW 



Announcements / Prayer Requests:

2.0 workout at The Roost, this Saturday, 7am.  Coffeteria afterwards at Waffle House.

Continued prayers for Uncle Rico, Knot, and their Ms.

Moleskin:   YHC is terrible at golf and generally plays 1 or 2 rounds a year. That’s changed this year. Well, YHC is still terrible; but I’m playing more thanks to pax inviting me out.  (H/T Coppertone who’s a new member of Musgrove Mill #HumblebraggingForHim)   I’m trying to do things outside my comfort zone.  Like golf.  Like Q-ing.  Workouts are always best when different people sign up and lead different exercises. If you haven’t Q’d in a while, sign up. If you want some help just ask around and pax are more than willing to coQ or you can always just copy one from someone else.

If you haven’t EHd a sadclown. Try that as well. 

If you haven’t posted in a while (and you’re reading this because someone in the gloom wanted you to see it, misses you, and wants you to come back out next week), post!

Remember men, we don’t post for just ourselves. We post for others. We post for the man beside us. 


“For apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5.

How’s Your Grip?

Every year for decades, the great Jack Nicklaus would begin his golf season by starting over. Imagine, Nicklaus, arguably the greatest professional golfer ever, and winner of more major tournaments than anyone who ever strolled a fairway, starting over. But why?

Obviously Nicklaus didn’t forget how to play golf during the winter months. He was a stickler for fundamentals—all of them. He broke his game down to the most minute parts—sort of like disassembling a clock with all its pieces—and reconstructed it because he knew sound fundamentals would withstand the most intense pressure in the most difficult of circumstances. No club swings itself, and without a proper grip, there is little chance one’s game will improve beyond the level of erratic.

There is a parallel for life. You are, in a sense, like the golf club. You can’t do anything on your own. You are only potential. However, if you let Him, God will take hold of your life and provide the direction and power to fulfill His purpose. He can help you find life’s fairway and show you how to progress on the course of life. In fact, in the first part of John 15:5, He says as much: “Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit.” Basically, those in His grip live lives of purpose.

If Jack Nicklaus thought the grip was the most fundamental element in the golf swing, it makes sense that being in God’s grip is the most fundamental element to living your life the way He intended.

So, how is His grip on your life?









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