• When: 2020-01-16
  • QIC: Socrates
  • The PAX: Aim High, Convoy, Fiji, Lockbox, Enos, Lizard Man, Hall Pass, and YHC

StrutBrigade have a birthday part for Edgar Allan Poe

Environmental Readings:  65 degrees; 90% humidity, Wet, with a slight drizzle on and off and on again, sometimes more than previous.

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8 PAX post Strut under warmer than normal temperatures and slight drizzly rain looking to get better.  4 PAX had just wrapped up an in-depth discussion based on a devotional on basically doing the right thing and the right time.

The plan today was a special theme dedicated to someone that is and has been since the early days, a big influence on YHC:  Edgar Allan Poe.  YHC has always been drawn to the written word and has always been a fan of EAP.  As his 211th birthday celebration is January 19th, YHC seized the opportunity.

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However, another influence is also honored today.  The passing of Neil Peart last week was a tough loss.  YHC remembers vividly the day the album Moving Pictures was purchased.  Just 13, YHC was a fan of Rush before that album, but listening to and reading the lyrics struck a special place which has remained to this day.

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Enough of that, we have a workout to document here, so let’s do just that.

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Of course, no Back Blast of mine is complete without some music to enjoy while you read.  Today the weary reader gets 2.

First, the master of horror, Vincent Price, and his reader of EAP’s The Raven:

Second, an example of Neil Peart as a lyricist and musician, Rush with Spirit of the Radio:

Now the workout:

One-minute warning was sounded, we all made fun of Fiji, no FNGs noted, opening prayer, and off we go for a rolling COP:

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Moseying along the outer limits of the park, stopping for:

  • 1 Burpee (OYO)
  • 19 TTTs (IC)
  • 18 Windmills (IC)
  • 9 SSHs (IC)

Mosey a little more and stop for:

  • 1 Burpee (OYO)
  • 19 Squats (IC)
  • 18 Phil Mickelsons aka Calf Raises (IC)Image result for phil mickelson gif
  • 9 Bonnie Blairs (OYO)

Mosey even more and stop for:

  • 1 Burpee (OYO)
  • 19 Overhead claps (IC)
  • 18 Dirty Dogs (IC)
  • 9 Raise the Roof (IC)

Continue the Mosey and again stop for:

  • 1 Burpee (OYO)
  • 19 Mountain Climbers (IC)
  • 18 Plank Jacks (IC)
  • 9 Merkins (OYO)

Make our way to the concession stand for (it was at this point YHC introduced the StrutBrigade to music during the workout, which was noted as lacking at the recent F3 Lake Murray party, so we enjoyed a mix of Rush tunes):


Mosey to the concession stand:

  • 15 Step ups – each leg (OYO)
  • 15 Calf Raises (OYO)
  • 15 Squats (OYO)
  • 15 Lunges – each leg (OYO)

Run two counterclockwise laps around the building back to the point of origin.

R and R above set – reducing reps by 5 to 10, run

R and R above set – reducing reps by 5 to 5.

It was at this point YHC made an audible and adjusted the plan for the remainder of the workout as our time budget was over.  So, we reversed the above and:

  • 5 Step ups – each leg (OYO)
  • 5 Calf Raises (OYO)
  • 5 Squats (OYO)
  • 5 Lunges – each leg (OYO)

Run two counterclockwise laps around the building back to the point of origin.

R and R above set – increasing reps by 5 to 10, run

R and R above set – increasing reps by 5 to 15.

Mosey back to the flag for COT and BOM.

Naked Moleskin:  Thanks for allowing me to pay tribute to some really heavy influences.  The series continues next Tuesday to another of YHC’s all-time favorite writers, so be there, we might have music again.

Praises/Prayer Requests:

  • Those around us that need words and simple acts of reassurance
  • Wild Blue and all those associated with Hospice care and the patients under their care
  • Unspoken


Devotional: Bring what you have (taken from Our Daily Bread)

Today’s Scripture & Insight:

John 6:4–14

“Stone Soup,” an old tale with many versions, tells of a starving man who comes to a village, but no one there can spare a crumb of food for him. He puts a stone and water in a pot over a fire. Intrigued, the villagers watch him as he begins to stir his “soup.” Eventually, one brings a couple of potatoes to add to the mix; another has a few carrots. One person adds an onion, another a handful of barley. A farmer donates some milk. Eventually, the “stone soup” becomes a tasty chowder.

That tale illustrates the value of sharing, but it also reminds us to bring what we have, even when it seems to be insignificant. In John 6:1–14 we read of a boy who appears to be the only person in a huge crowd who thought about bringing some food. Christ’s disciples had little use for the boy’s sparse lunch of five loaves and two fishes. But when it was surrendered, Jesus increased it and fed thousands of hungry people!

I once heard someone say, “You don’t have to feed the five thousand. You just have to bring your loaves and fishes.” Just as Jesus took one person’s meal and multiplied it far beyond anyone’s expectations or imagination (v. 11), He’ll accept our surrendered efforts, talents, and service. He just wants us to be willing to bring what we have to Him.

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