• When: 09/06/14
  • QIC: Mungo
  • The PAX: ChaChing, FireBreak, Stirrups, Sparky, Talcum, HolyWater, Zamboni, SuperTrooper (FNG David Bowers), Slate, HallPass, LooseScrew, Breaker1Nine, Nemo (FNG Hayden Bowers) , Flint, Chernobyl, ToothPick, Mungo

SpeedTrap: “Operation litter pickup”

Conditions: 72 and relatively cool

Today marks the one year anniversary of YHC’s start with F3. If you would have told me a year and one day ago that I would spend the next year waking up at 4:40 every morning doing boot camp workouts or running, I would have said you were crazy. I did not exercise and I did not do mornings. Now it is such an ingrained part of my life, I really miss it if I can’t make it into the gloom. Special thanks to @F3Sled for EH’ing me and to all my brothers from @F3Columbia and @F3LakeMurray for continuing to encourage and motivate me to #bebetter #getbetter
The Thang:
Do one lap around parking lot with butt kicks, high knees alternating.

Circle up in baseball field Speedy COP (no rest between exercises)
• Imperial Walkers for Walker x 30 IC
• Through the Tunnel x 15 IC
• SSH x 30 IC
• Flutter kicks x 25 IC
• LBC x 25 IC
• Merkins x 15 IC
• Rosalita x 20 IC
• Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
• Finger tip Squats x 15 IC
• Russian Twist x 15 IC

Mosey to brick pile and pickup two red bricks, drop off between baseball fields to use on the way back.

**ToothPick calls an audible when we see sheets of paper all over the grounds at the Elementary school and calls for an Operation Litter Pickup, good job guys! Now that our homework is done, head to the buses!

Slalom run through covered bus area. Mosey to the hill at the front of the church.

Rotating Merkin Ladder
Explanation: Start with both hands on curb and feet in street, perform 8 Merkins, rotate to your right, so right hand and right foot are in street with left hand and left foot on the curb and perform 8 Merkins, then rotate to the right so both feet are on curb and hands in street and perform 8 Merkins, one last rotation to the right so left hand and left foot are in street and right hand and right foot are on the curb and perform 8 Merkins. Rinse and repeat with 6, and then 4.

Jacobs Ladder on School Hill
Bear crawl to the top and do 10 finger tip squats, run to the sign and do 10 BigBoys, run back to the top and do 10 finger tip squats. Run down the hill and do 10 BigBoys (or Iron Cross with the sign posts). Rinse and repeat with 6, and then 4.

Mosey to small football field at Elementary school.
Line up on field goal line. One Pax kicks off and all run to get the ball. The Pax that gets the ball calls 10x of exercise of their choice.

Mosey back to the baseball field and pickup bricks. People chair with bricks. Exercises in cadence: Curls, shoulder press, tricep extension.

Return bricks to the pile and mosey back to the Rodeo for 4 minutes of Mary:
• Overhead arm claps x 25 IC – in honor of Major Pain not posting
• Boat / Canoe – in honor of Rudy not posting
• Russian Twist x 15 IC

Ball of Man – Prayer led by LooseScrew

Welcome to FNG’s:
Super Trooper and Nemo

Announcements and Prayers:
-Continue to pray for Walker Phillips. For the history on his story visit http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/walkerphillips
-Walker Strong shirts-order directly from NailPop’s sister. All proceeds go directly to Walker and his family. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/walkerphillips/journal/view/id/5408a4dfac7ee98e5e7eb197 Deadline is September 14th.

-Still time to HC for GoRuck. Good training opportunity here: http://f3nation.com/2014/08/19/hurricane-hike-10k/
-Mud Run on 10/4. Still time to sign up. Register here: http://f3nation.com/2014/06/11/mudrun-fall-2014-registration-is-live/
-Come run with Swagger in Irmo M,W,F at 5:30-6;15 See the schedule here: http://f3nation.com/schedules/columbia-sc-lake-murray/


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