• When: 2017-10-10
  • QIC: Soft Toss
  • The PAX: Switch Hitter, TentPole, Kitty Litter, Coppertone, Bumblebee, Phone Booth, Devito, Elian (with the accent over the "i"), Trix, Pothole, Box Wine, Crouton, Turkey Burger, Chubbs, Clarice, Fool's Gold, Side Effects, Nutmeg, Lumbergh, Blart, Bellhop, JD, Stagecoach, Arrears, Faulkner, EZ

Soft Toss 49/69 V/Birthday Q Backblast

October 10 or was it August 10?  The humidity was sitting at 94% (Temp about 75) this morning for the Q and the PAX was plentiful and ready to heckle the VQ with all of their fervor as I was sure to Honeypot throughout;  I wasn’t shaken…I may not have known what I was doing but I was prepared with my protected, large-lettered Weinke in hand.  The number “49” represents my age as of Oct 11 and the “69” represents my father’s age as of Oct 14 (happy birthday, old man) So with that being said, here is how it went down after my intro and disclaimer:




10 LAC fwd and then back IC

11 Imperial Walkers

5 Merkins IC (slow and steady with the nice form; elbows in)

The PAX partnered by 2’s; 1 partner grabbed a block and all mosey over to the large field for some partner work.  Beginning on the sideline, one partner would run 34.5 yards (estimated by Q) and back while the other partner did work and then would switch.

Round 1:  49 squats w block and 69 merkins

Round 2:  49 Big Boys and 69 Thrusters w block

Round 3:  49 OHP w Block and 69 Burpees (plank on the 6 or give to others)

Mosey back to COP for a round of Mary:

Flutter kicks  by Soft Toss 20 IC

Flutter kicks by Stagecoach 20 IC

Boat/canoes by Phonebooth (with rowing, but I think I sunk and others were asking for a raft with a cooler)

Freddy Mercury by Switch Hitter 10 IC


Hello Dollies by Elian (with the accent of the “i”) 20 IC

And I really don’t remember anything else; I was drowning in my own sweat and I certainly don’t remember the REPS.  I will go back to Ballentine Park’s video footage but not focus on my reps as I’m certain I didn’t complete…remember, I did what I could do.




3rd F Opp at G.O.A.T. on Tuesdays at 5am – Phonebooth

Speed for Need  – October 28 at Saluda Shoals great cause.  Bringing 4 chairs for participants; reach out to Skunky for more information.  Check F3 Lake Murray sight for a discount code ($10). Check the Speed for Need website for inspirational videos.   – EZ and Side Effects

Prayer requests:


Prayer and wrapped it up.  

I must say that Stagecoach EH’d me well over 2 years to get me to attend F3.  As stubborn as I am, I waited another year after he gave up on me to come on out…to his surprise!  I am thankful for such a group of God-centered men who are selfless of their time and energies and NOT just for F3.  Thank you guys for being a great example and let’s keep each other moving forward #ISI

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