• When: 12/11/14
  • QIC: Ginger
  • The PAX: Mayhem, Nail Pop, Half Empty, Scotch, Scooper, Dunphe, JJ, Fat Tire, Putt Putt, Shotgun, Gravedigger, Slumlord, Bullpen, Buzzsaw, Bearded Lady, Yee Haw, Elmer's, Lego, Ginger

#Shawshank gets jolly: 12 Days of Christmas-style

19 Pax rolled into Shawshank to be welcomed by YHC in a Santa hat.  I was foolish enough to listen to the Pax & attempt to keep it on during the entire workout.  It lasted for most of the SSH in COP.  Thanks for the drive & encouragement, men.  Also for being good sports about the video above.  Merry Christmas to all & to all a good workout!

Conditions: 29 & FROZEN (the frost helped in some cases, but hurt in most)

The Thang:
Mosey to far soccer fields
30 Windmills
30 IW IC
20 Lil’ Arm Circles (10 fwd/10 back) IC
20 Squats IC

The 12 Days of Christmas (you know the tune):
A mosey between each day around all the fields & ladder up until all 12 are done.
On the ___ day of Christmas Lake Murray gave to me…

& A round of 5 burpees
2 4-count Merkins (slow)
4 squat jumps
5 Russian twists
6 dry docks
7 flutter kicks (each leg)
8 mountain climbers (each foot)
9 LBCs
10 diamond merkins (#CROWDPLEASER)
11 Hello Dollies
12 6-count curl things (#NapalmSpecials)

The Pax seemed especially happy as after each day we fast-moseyed to a new soccer goal.  We thoroughly explored the space all over Shawshank.

Throw in a lil’ Dealer’s Choice brickwork (curls, bearcrawl w/ bricks & lunges w/ bricks…thanks Buzz Saw!) to round out the exercise.  An excellent kick in the butt to wrap things up.


T-Claps to the Pax for not only being good sports, but wanting to carol the rest of F3 Lake Murray together.
Don’t forget to vote for the F3 Lexington Christmas party poll here.  There’s still time to sign up (contact Ken Doll).  Pay @ the door.

0 thoughts on “#Shawshank gets jolly: 12 Days of Christmas-style”

  1. How does one bear crawl with brick?
    As a avid “bear crawl there and crawl bear back” Q, adding bricks sounds nice.

    Also, are the bricks hand-sized (like on your house)? I’m guessing so, but want to confirm.

    Thanks for the evil idea.

  2. Cheetah, consider the brick an extension of your hand. Same motion, just grasping the brick tightly. And, yes, hand-sized bricks.

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