• When: 2019-01-22
  • QIC: Moneypenny
  • The PAX: Funnel Cake, Bud, Dirtbag, Updyke, Vanilla, Splinter, Flipper, Fire Daddy, Moneypenny

Review Sesh of Trevor and the Boys

Conditions: 24 degrees and perfectly clear skies, complete with shooting stars

9 pax layered up and posted at Roost looking for a solid beatdown.  What they were treated to was a full season recap of the Tigers’ magical journey in 2018 culminating with a slaying of the beast in 2019.  YHC was disappointed to learn that Toothpick was downrange for this workout.  He would have loved it.

The Thang:

Quick warm up lap around the track.

  • SSH IC x 15
  • TTT IC x 15
  • Windmill IC x 15

Line up on the corner of the track.  Explain to the pax that there are two exercises written next to each game.  The reps for the first exercise will equal the Clemson score while the reps for the second exercise will equal the opponents score.  Bad news for the pax is that Trevor and the boys were pretty dang good.  Good news for the pax is that Christian, Clelin and Austin came back for one more year.  In between each game run 100 meters to the other end of the straightaway.  Here’s how it went down…

  • Furman: nice little warm up game
    • 48-7  Merkins – Burpees
  • Texas A&M: Trevor strikes to Tee then KB steadies things.  Hold on at the end.
    • 28-26  Dry Docks – Squats
  • Georgia So: Warm up game against triple option before GT
    • 38-7  BBSU – Burpees
  • Georgia Tech: Trevor’s coming out party, KB to the bench
    • 49-21  Iron Cross – LBC
  • Syracuse: KB transfer week, Trevor hurt in first half, Chase Brice plays lights out
    • 27-23  Mtn Climbers – Plank
  • Wake Forest: Nine touchdowns, coulda been more
    • 63-3  Freddie Mercuries – Burpees
  • NC State: Shut down of Ryan Finlay, total domination
    • 41-7  LBC – Burpees
  • Florida St: Crushed their souls, dude reading a book in the stands in the 4th
    • 59-10  Flutter Kicks – Bear Crawl
  • Louisville: Sending Petrino on down the road
    • 77-16  OH Arm Claps – Bear Crawl
  • Boston College: Cold.  Trevor’s first time past the Mason Dixon line.
    • 27-7  Lunges – Burpees
  • Duke: Shut down another potential first round QB
    • 35-6  Merkins – Burpees
  • U of SC: The greatest 21 point lost in the history of college football.  Just ask a Toothpick.
    • 56-35  Mtn Climbers – Plank
  • Pittsburgh: ACC Championship game in the rain,  Etienne quick out the gate.
    • 42-10  Russian Twist – Merkins
  • Notre Dame: Beating the domers always feels good.  Tee with an incredible catch right before halftime.
    • 30-3  Squats – Burpees
  • Bama: Bama fans hit the aisles mid 4th quarter.  It was a party for Clemson fans in the stadium.
    • 44-16  Iron Cross – Merkins

There was a little time left so we ran three laps to push us over 2 miles.  Finished with a 6″ to flutter kick to 6″ sequence.