• When: 2019-01-22
  • QIC: BoxWine
  • The PAX: Laettner, Devito, Moose, Stagecoach, Sir Topham Hatt, Neck Brace, Soft Toss (R), Bumblebee, Arrears

Hill Repeats

There was a little nip to the air this morning, but at least the winds were minimal.  10 pax resisted the temptation to do the easy thing and posted for themselves and their brothers.

Conditions: 25 and clear

COP (All IC):

SSH * 10

Windmill * 10

LAC * 10 + LAC in Reverse * 10

TTT * 10

Merkins * 10

Slow Squat (with some kind of weird 5 count) * 10


The pax moseyed to the bottom of Speed Hump Hill.  Little did they know at the time that they’d be spending quite a bit of time this morning on that hill.  The pax started with three exercises: 7 burpees, 15 monkey humpers, and 10 squats.  Pax then ran all the way to the main road and repeated the same three exercises.  Next, the pax ran back to the first entrance driveway and repeated the same three exercises.  At this point, the pax were getting a little anxious due to the monotony.  Fortunately, there was only a little more left before we could mix it up.  We ran to the top of the first driveway and did the three aforementioned exercises once more.  Now on to the fun stuff!

We partnered up with one partner grabbing a block.  Luckily for me, Bumblebee picked the block with the shark bite taken out of it.  We moseyed to the end of the parking lot (or the top of Speed Hump Hill).  It was time to do some alternating exercises while you partner runs the hill.  Then flapjack.  Of course, Arrears reminded me that this was sooo 2018 so I tried to mix up the exercises a little.  Here’s what we did (all reps as a team).

Curls for the Girls (unless you’re Stagecoach) * 100

Overhead Press * 100

Butterflies (AKA Flutter Kicks) * 200 – and yes that was 200/leg

Bent Over Rows * 100

Bench Press * 100

LBC’s * 200

Tricep Extensions * 80

Merkins * 80

Lunges * Until the Q called time.


Prayer Requests:

Moose’s grandfather had a mild heart attack last week.

Laettner’s brother is struggling with depression.