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  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Tooth Fairy, Peachy, Hoser, Yellow Cake, and Pepto

Reunion Tour with a Twist

4 pax showed up for stride this morning with visions of running in the gloom. 1 of the 4 showed up early for some extra mileage, Tclaps to Hoser. This P200 thing is approaching, and distances are starting to be pushed for those training for it. 1 pax showed a few minutes late but still posted. Tclaps to the one to be unnamed. You know who you are.

Route plan on the fly

Conditions 57F, overcast

The Thang:
The 1st 4 pax felt like a North Lake reunion tour so, we left out of the courthouse going down North Lake Drive towards Home Depot. Head up North Lake as far as 20 minutes allows and turn back around. YHC’s GPS gave a total distance of 4.45 miles with 180ft of gain. Not bad distance given the elevation change. YHC was sure he saw a mountain goat just past the concrete monster that tried to take him out. There was much oxygen deprivation from the altitude so it may have been an illusion.

Pax #5 ran a different route with a twist. It was a “planned” hour glass route. YHC has vague recollection of it, but surely it was at least 4.5 miles in length and likely >200 feet of elevation change. YHC didn’t mention it, but another pax said it was figure enhancement given the route choice. YHC heard something about an Elvis sighting, hourglass, and automatically wondered if it was Courtney Stodden that was seen and not a mountain goat. To be determined…..

Closing Prayer

GoRuck Sim this Friday
Governor’s cup
GoRuck openings due to injuries
P200 ?alternates vs another team still being discussed

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